When it comes to a game like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 4, there has been mods released for it in the past. We have seen a GTA 4 Flappy Bird mod that is totally whacked out, and here we are with a really well done Watch Dogs mod for the very same title, and the verdict so far from those who have tried it out? Simply superb.

At least this particular mod would have answered all nagging questions that have have concerning the possibility of crossing Watch Dogs alongside Grand Theft Auto 4. This particular Watch Dogs mod for GTA 4 was specially developed for the PC version of the Rockstar game. As you can watch in the video above, the Watch Dogs mod would throw cyber criminal Aiden Pearce right smack into Liberty City, where he will be able to showcase a rather wide repertoire of hacking the likes of payphones, ticket machines, ATMs, wall lights, trains, traffic lights, road blocks, cameras, soda pop machines and even trip the alarm of parked cars.

Pretty impressive, don’t you think so? Just bear in mind that this mod has been inspired by the Watch Dogs title, and is not an exact copy, and do expect to see some bugs in it since nothing is perfect in this world.

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