Apple-Extended-Keyboard-Raspberry-PiThe Raspberry Pi has seen its fair share of hacks in the past, including that of a baby monitor, but here we are with yet another one that ought to bridge the gap between the old and the new. How about making use of one of the more notable keyboards of all time, and transforming it into a portable computer? We are referring to the vintage Apple Extended Keyboard (AEK) which should not be too difficult to find even in second hand shops and the ilk.

Modder Ezra Hilyer has successfully merged an AEK with a Raspberry Pi B+, and never mind the fact that even old keyboards do seem to be rather thin in their own right, the Raspberry Pi B+ will be able to hold its own in a slimming competition. Heck, it managed to fit into a hollowed-out cavity within the AEK without missing a beat, although Hilyer had to perform some DIY perforations in the body of the keyboard so that the Raspberry Pi’s ports (HDMI, power, Ethernet, headphone, and one of the two USB ports) will be able to rear their “heads”, so to speak. There was also the inclusion of a high-gain wireless USB adapter, and with a converter installed, the AEK was able to function as a USB keyboard with it being internally wired it to the Raspberry Pi B+.

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