Soldiers are an extremely obedient lot, that much you can say. After all, when you ask them to jump, they will ask, “How high?” Obedience and unquestionable loyalty on the battlefield is something to be admired, since good leadership will be able to pull a platoon through, even in the most dire of situations when orders are followed to a ‘T’. As for soldiers on the battlefield who are figuring out the best way to infiltrate an enemy’s camp, how about having them wear a haptic belt that will transmit GPS directions to headquarters, and simple commands can be received in return so that soldiers are effectively speaking, “remote controlled”?


That is what the Army Research Office is looking into with the haptic GPS belt which relies on arrays of vibrating motors that will gently prod people in the right direction. There are eight of such “tactors” in total, spaced out at 45 degree intervals, pulsing in the direction where you ought to be going. Great stuff when you have “eyes” far above you courtesy of satellites and spy drones, instead of relying on your instinct. 

Perfect for communicating within a group as well, there is one issue we might have a bone of contention with – what happens when it pulses during those extremely quiet moments? Will the buzzing give the game away, or is the battlefield far too noisy for something like that to be an issue? Parents might start to want one for their kids…

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