What you see above is the Sham II, which is a 100% made in Syria vehicle that is constructed from the chassis of a car, and rebels have touted it to be a tank of sorts. Taking around a month of work for the design, it will in no way be able to stand up to the different kinds of modern day weaponry, but it sure puts some hope into the hearts of Syrian rebels. The designer Mahmud Abud from the Al-Ansar rebel brigade in the Aleppo region of northwest Syria claims that this fully-enclosed vehicle is made from light steel, measuring roughly four meters (yards) in length and a couple of meters across, and will come mounted with a 7.62 mm machinegun that is controlled from within the cabin.

The Sham II comes with five cameras, where three are located at the front, with one at the back, and another attached to the gun. The driver will manoeuvring the vehicle through viewing a display thanks to feedback from the cameras. A PlayStation controller is used to navigate the Sham II around. The Sham II (sounds like a Sham, if you get what I mean) will have metal walls that are 2.5cm thin, and can resist up to 23mm cannon fire, but it will be unable to handle a rocket-propelled grenade or tank fire, or course. The entire thing costs approximately $10,000.

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