iHomes iPad 2 Cases Packs Built In Stereo SpeakersSometimes wearing headphones or earphones may not be the most comfortable solution, and packing a pair of headphones whenever you’re going out may add unnecessary bulk to your bag, especially when all you want to do is just bring your iPad out with you, so what can one do? I suppose that the default speakers on the iPad is one solution although such tiny speakers may not prove loud enough especially if you’re out in public where the background noise may drown out the sound.

iHome may have found the perfect solution for you, combining an iPad 2 case with a set of built in stereo speakers, or to be more specific, flat NXT stereo speakers. The casing is made out of faux leather material and it can also be folded into multiple positions, six to be exact, sort of what the smart casing that Apple sells for the iPad 2 does. It can either be folded to a typing-friendly position or in a more upright position for viewing movies on the iPad.

The iHome iDM71 case works with both the iPad and iPad 2 and it will set you back $99.99, which does seem like a pretty good deal considering you get a case and a set of stereo speakers at all-in-one.

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