LG V300

We all know that all-in-one PCs are the in thing right now, with PC vendors all trying to cash in on the trend. Latest to hop on the bandwagon is Korean electronics manufacturer LG. LG will be making its debut in the all-in-one PC market segment with the unveiling of the LG V300, which looks like they will be kicking off their new lineup with a bang.

The LG V300 will feature LG’s 3D Film-type Patterned Retarder (FPR) display – the same technology used in its popular CINEMA 3D TVs, and will also make use of In Plane Switch (IPS) screen technology that creates a stunning 178-degree viewing angle and a triple camera system for superb multi-touch capability on its 23″ LED display. 3D support will come with the use of lightweight polarized glasses for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. And like any new computer that’s been released recently, it will pack Intel’s Sandy Bridge Core processors.

The LG V300 will also feature WiDi that allows it to wirelessly stream content to a TV, and DLNA support to share data between compatible devices as well. More details as we approach its launch date in Korea this July, which will then be followed by the rest of the world.

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