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A New GTA 5 Mod Enables Full VR Support For The Game
GTA 5 is easily one of the best games of all time until there’s a successor to it.No matter what platform you are on (PC/PS/Xbox), you get to experience GTA V.However, for PC gamers, a new exciting mod just arrived which makes the game compatible for a complete VR experience including the story mode and the cutscenes as well.Modders have tried to make a VR mod earlier – but they […]

Cyberpunk 2077 Release Delayed To September
If you were waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 to release this April, you will be disappointed to know that the release date has been moved to September 17, 2020.It looks like CD PROJECT RED wants to take their time to polish the game the best way they can, similar to why Marvel’s Avengers game delayed the release date.In their official tweet, they assured that the game is complete and playable. But, […]

How To Check Computer Components Temperature
No matter whether you have a laptop or a PC, keeping the temperature of your components in check is essential.

Destiny 2 Gets Cross-Save Support For PS4, Xbox One, PC, And Stadia
As part of its new Shadowkeep year three update, Bungie is bringing cross-progression to Destiny 2. Players will be able to benefit from cross-save support for the title on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google’s Stadia game streaming service. The announcement comes mere months after Bungie announced its split with publishing partner Activision.


Apple Improves Windows Migration Assistant For macOS Mojave
Apple already provides a utility to make it easier for Windows users to ditch their platform and jump over to macOS. The company has now decided to more this feature more powerful. It’s going to ship an improved data migration tool with the upcoming macOS Mojave release so that Windows PC owners and transfer more data from their machines to their new Mac quickly and easily.

PC Market Declines For Fifth Straight Year
Things haven’t improved for the overall PC market over the past few years. The latest data from market research firms IDC and Gartner reveals that the PC market fell for the fifth straight year in 2016. In Q4 2016, IDC and Gartner estimate that the PC market declined by 1.6 percent and 3.7 percent respectively. Both have slightly different ways of presenting their data, but it does paint a similar […]

Forza Horizon 3 PC Pre-Load Goes Live
Forza Horizon 3 release is not that far off now. We were reminded of that yesterday as the official launch trailer for this game was released. Today, the Forza Horizon 3 PC pre-load has gone live. It has been confirmed today that PC gamers can pre-load the title on their machines today ahead of its release in the coming days. An important confirmation concerning the drivers from NVIDIA and AMD […]

New Halo Wars 2 Campaign Trailer Released
The Halo Wars 2 real-time strategy game was detailed by Microsoft at its E3 2016 press conference. A multiplayer open beta went live that very same day while it was also confirmed when the game will be released to the public. Those who are waiting for it to arrive will be interested in watching the new Halo Wars 2 campaign trailer that 343 Industries has now released.

Next PS4 Update Brings Game Streaming For PC And Mac Tomorrow
Sony has just confirmed that it’s next major software update for PlayStation 4, version 3.50, is going to be released tomorrow. The update is going to bring several new features for the console including game streaming for PC and Mac. The software has already been provided to beta program members a few weeks ago and back then Sony outlined some of the features that are coming with it. New features […]

Intel 2016 Next Computing Unit (NUC) Launched at GDC16
At GDC 2016, Intel has announced its new NUC or Next Computing Unit, which is basically a compact (desktop) computer design. This new version is a 45-Watt design that comes with a Gen6 Core i7 processor (the i7-6700HQ) while the user will add his/her own memory (32GB max) and disk storage (M.2 NVMe compatible) after purchasing the box.

Rock Band 4 For PC Is Being Crowdfunded
Rock Band 4 has had a good run on consoles but wouldn’t it be grand if the game was also available to PC gamers? Harmonix, the developer, certainly seems to think so. Harmonix has now launched a crowdfunding campaign and if it reaches the goal it’s going to start working on Rock Band 4 for PC. This isn’t the first time a developer is raising money to make a game […]

Necropolis Release Delayed
Harebrained Studios has some news that might just disappoint – it looks like the title that it is working on, Necropolis, will be delayed on the PS4 as well as Xbox One platforms. Apparently, Harebrained Studios would like to see this self-published Steam variant of the game arrive simultaneously as on the two consoles, which would translate to a date that falls on one day this coming summer, as the […]

Microsoft Could Jump Aboard Modular PC Bandwagon
Modularity in modern day devices are certainly something worth looking into – as it offers the flexibility of being able to move with the times without having to invest so much of your money on a new device each year. For instance, Google’s Project Ara toys with the idea of modular smartphones, while Acer themselves have a modular mini-desktop that has garnered some interest, so it is not surprising to […]

Amazon Discounts Digital Games For PS4, Xbox One And PC
It’s that time of the year when retailers offer generous discounts to customers over the holiday season, so that they spend more money on items for themselves as well as gifts for friends and family. It’s also the perfect time for playing games since many people have a few days off and what better way to spend those days than play games that you have been putting off for quite […]

Splendo Is Microsoft's $140 Stick PC
Quite a few manufacturers are producing PC on a stick which are basically cheap solutions that offer moderate specifications with the ability to run the full Windows experience, even Intel has one of its own. Microsoft has teamed up with iBall, a device maker based in India, to come up with its own PC on a stick that costs $140 and is called the Splendo.

Play Street Fighter 5 At CEO Next Month
Street Fighter fans have a chance to play the upcoming title next month. It has been confirmed today that a playable preview of Street Fighter 5 will be open to attendees of the Community Effort Orlando next month. This announcement was made during yesterday’s stream of the Combo Breaker tournament. This will be the first chance that the public gets to try out the next title in the Street Fighter franchise.

Batman Arkham Asylum And Arkham City Remastered Edition Expected Later This Year
Those who have been waiting for Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham Knight to arrive were met with some bad news today. The developer confirmed that Batman Arkham Knight release is being delayed. Even though the release has only been pushed back by three weeks, it nevertheless results into more wait for gamers anxiously waiting for this title to arrive. There’s some good news as well. Rumor has it that Batman Arkham Asylum and […]

Ainol Windows Mini PC Available For Pre-Order
It looks like small PCs will not be out of vogue anytime soon, as what we have witnessed just earlier this year with the Voyo Mini PC, and here we are with the Ainol Windows Mini PC that is already available for pre-order by those who are interested, where it will carry an asking price of $128.

Voyo Mini PC: Small And Colorful
Want to add a little bit of extra color to your computing lifestyle? While smartphones and tablets do come in their fair share of protective cases that have colors of all sorts, here we are with a desktop machine from Chinese tablet manufacturer Voyo. Granted, this is not a full fledged desktop, but rather, a mini PC that will feature an Intel Bay Trail processor underneath the hood, running on […]

Shuttle All-in-One PC Barebone X50V4 Comes With Touchscreen, Lacks Fan
Any All-in-One PC is worth checking out, especially if you happen to live in an apartment that is tiny enough as it is, and would required a whole lot more space to cater for your growing family. Apart from that, these AiO machines tend to be small and can be discreetly placed around in your living room, making it look as part of the decoration in a seamless manner. Having […]