Art Lebedev Studio has just dropped more information concerning the Optimus Mini Six that is a totally new model, sporting six keys as in its name. Interestingly enough, these keys will be smaller in size compared to the Mini Three, with the signature feature on the Mini Six being an active LCD display in each key which will double up as programmable shortcuts in addition to active status icons for the system. As with most modern computer peripherals these days, the Optimus Mini Six will be USB-powered, and is currently in the “early production” status – hopefully this would mean it will be out alive and kicking before the year is over.

Apart from that, the delay-prone Russian design house has claimed that the Optimus Popularis keyboard which was first announced a few years ago is still alive and kicking, but it won’t ship this year as promised, touting a 2012 date. It is safe to assume by now that anything from Art Lebedev Studio will need at least a couple of years added on to the announced release date.

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