Optimus Popularis sneak peek

Check out a clearer image of the upcoming Optimus Popularis display keyboard that is destined (keep your fingers crossed!) to be released before the year is over at best, or early next year at worst. It will retail for under $1,000, where pre-orders will be opened up to the masses sometime later this year. Every key looks set to get as much screen real estate as possible, including the spacebar. Not only that, there is an additional screen area between the F-row and the rest of the keys. Number-crunching enthusiasts will note that this lacks the dedicated numeric keypad, although you will find a Fn key in the lower left corner which turns the right part of keyboard into the Page Up and Num Lock keys, alongside the relevant numbers which have been carefully arranged in a familiar calculator layout. Get this for its novelty factor, but otherwise you’re much better off with a regular keyboard while saving up the additional money for a rainy day. We first reported on this keyboard a couple of years ago, and the folks at Art Lebedev sure like taking their own sweet time.

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