For those of you who are unfamiliar with Wacom, they are a company from Japan that produces graphic tablets that digital animators and artists these days use in order to create their their art on the computer, through the use of a stylus that is meant to mimic a pen, as how they would draw if they were using pen and paper.

Prior to the release of the Bamboo Paper app, Wacom had already put out a Bamboo Stylus designed for the iPad 2 which would set you back $29.99 and now with the Bamboo Paper app out in the iTunes App Store, they are the perfect complement for each other. Essentially what the Bamboo Paper app does is that it looks to replace a physical notebook that you would otherwise carry around with you, turning your iPad into a note-taking and doodle drawing device. Given Wacom’s history and experience in creating graphic tablets for computers the experience offered by the Bamboo Paper app and Bamboo stylus is supposed to be natural and realistic.

Alternatively if you do not want to use the app and stylus for doodling or taking notes, when connected to a projector it can also be used as a visual presentation tool. For those interested the app will cost you $1.99, so if you’re looking for the whole experience, combined with the stylus it will cost a total of $31.98. A rather expensive notebook but at least you will never run out of paper or ink.

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