ZTE, a Chinese OEM has seemingly leaked out an upcoming handset of theirs – which is actually a handset that is powered by the sun. It will not be the first of its kind in the world since ZTE did have released somewhat similar phones in the past (two years ago, to be exact). What makes the ZTE Solar X500 different from the rest, though, is it will be powered by the Android operating system from Google.


The ZTE X500 has yet to make an appearance in any of the standard certification body databases (FCC, all eyes are on you), but it did leak out on as a product listing on InvisibleShield-maker Zagg’s website. Could this mean ZTE cancelled the phone so near into a potential release date? Apart from that, there is one more thing that is strange about the ZTE X500 – this particular model comes with just a trio of buttons instead of the standard 4-button configuration foundn on Android devices .

What do you think of solar powered phones? Will they actually be the next best thing, or is it just a passing novelty?

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