A couple months back we reported on ASUS’s Lamborghini VX7 laptop, so how about the wireless WX-Lamborghini mouse to go along with it? The mouse isn’t exactly new as it was spotted at the FCC some time last year, but has finally made an appearance and is available for 38 Euros, which roughly converts to $55.

The mouse will be available in either black (as seen in the FCC) or white with black highlights. It will also come in a limited edition yellow, whose garish and bright colors seem to be Lamborghini’s signature finish, not that I would complain if you gave me a hot pink Lamborghini to drive in. In terms of design, the mouse has stayed true to the Lamborghini’s shape with bold lines and sharp features, as well as sporting a Lamborghini badge near to the back of the mouse where your palm usually rests on.

Measuring in at 106.5 x 68 x 36 mm, it comes with 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity with a range up to 10 meters. It also features a 2500 dpi laser sensor, four buttons, and here’s the kicker – a scroll wheel that resembles the tyres of the Diablo sports car while featuring leather-like side grips. We can’t really speak for the comfortability or performance of the mouse, but if you care more about the Lamborghini branding, then we’re guessing that this mouse will most probably suit you. However, given its specs, it does sound like it could also be used for gaming as well.

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