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Genius Ring Presenter makes you feel like a Green Lantern
Can you will a cursor to move across the screen? Sure, using a mouse is pretty standard issue, but what happens when you have an overactive imagination and figured out that as part of the Green Lantern Corp., you definitely can will the cursor to dance all over the screen during your presentation? This is where the Genius Ring Presenter comes in handy – this is a ring-style touch cursor […]

SteelSeries SRW-S1 racing controller goes on sale today for $119.99
If you’re looking for a steering wheel control for your racing games, SteelSeries’s SRW-S1 racing wheel is now available for $119.99 from SteelSeries’s website. The SRW-S1 was designed in conjunction with Ignite, the company that brought us Simraceway although that’s not to say that it will not work with other racing games.

Giant USB mouse by Brando
For fans of all things novel, Brando has something for you in the form of a giant USB mouse, and by giant, well, the photo above should speak volumes for the size of the mouse! It measures 175mm long, 105mm wide and 55mm tall, and if you’re trying to put that into context, it’s almost double the width of the iPhone 4 and about 60mm longer than the iPhone 4.

Datel Turbofire EVO Wireless Controller for Xbox 360
If you’re not too fussed about whether your peripherals for your console are official or licensed, Datel is back with the Turbofire EVO Wireless Controller aimed at Xbox 360 owners out there, even going as far as claiming the controller to be “100% Unofficial”.


Fanatec's Forza Motorsport accessories now up for pre-order
If you’re a huge fan of racing games on the console, such as Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo, you probably would love to get your hands on a steering wheel controller, assuming that you don’t own one already. If you were at E3 earlier this year, or if you happened to have come across news regarding E3, you’re probably familiar with Fanatec’s line of Forza Motorsport accessories.

Corsair unveils new gaming keyboards and mice
Heads up gamers, Corsair has just unveiled four new gaming peripherals that are aimed at both FPS (first person shooter) gamers, MMO (massively multiplayer online) and RTS (real time strategy) gamers alike. The Vengeance K60 keyboard and the M60 mouse are aimed at FPS gamers, while the Vengeance K90 keyboard and M90 mouse are aimed at MMO and RTS gamers.

Levitatr Bluetooth keyboard for tablets looks amazing
Keyboard cases/attachments for tablets have usually been standard fare, with nothing much to shout about. They tend to be sleek and they get the job done, but for those who are fussy about design and looks, the Levitatr Kickstarter project might be something you may want to check out.

Microsoft releases "Mouse without Borders" project
There are people who work with one computer but with multiple monitors, and then there are those who work with multiple computers with multiple monitors, which usually results in a table strewn with keyboards and mice. Not the most elegant setup but is sometimes necessary in certain professions, and not content with the current solution, Truong Do, an employee at Microsoft Dynamics has come up with what he calls “Mouse […]

mLogic launches mDock for Mac computers
If your laptop is your main computer, you probably have multiple peripherals attached to it, such as a laptop cooler, an external mouse for those who hate using the touchpad, USB cable to charge your phone, printer cable, external monitor, etc. That’s all fine but when you need to pack your laptop up to take to class/work, you’ll need to unplug everything and plug them back again when you’re done. […]

Porsche releases mouse and mousepad
A while back we reported on a Lamborghini mouse, and now it looks like Porsche has decided to enter the fray with their very own Porsche mouse and mousepad, which if you look carefully actually resembles the car and the Porsche badge, as opposed to releasing a regular mouse with the Porsche branding.

Mac edition Logitech K750 solar keyboard gets released
PC users should be familiar with Logitech’s K750 solar powered keyboard, and Mac users if you were feeling a bit left out, the good news is that the Mac version of the K750 is now available.

SteelSeries Sensei gaming mouse gets announced
A few days back we reported that SteelSeries had announced a new gaming mouse that was designed for the World of Warcraft gamer in mind. If you’re not a fan of World of Warcraft or if perhaps the design isn’t to your liking, SteelSeries has just announced another gaming mouse, the Sensei.

Elecom's Bluetooth TK-FBP030E keyboard is compatible with a variety of Apple devices
Interested in getting your hands on a Bluetooth keyboard that not only works with a variety of iOS devices but also for your Mac as well? If you are shopping for such a keyboard it looks like Elecom may have the solution for you in the form of the TK-FBP030E Bluetooth keyboard.

SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming Mouse Legendary Edition
Fans and players of the World of Warcraft MMO game by Blizzard should be familiar with the SteelSeries. For those who are not familiar, SteelSeries is a company that specializes in gaming peripherals such as keyboards and mice. The company has just announced a new mouse that they are adding to their World of Warcraft lineup which will be in the form of the SteelSeries World of Warcraft MMO Gaming […]