There will be 1,060 all-electric sanitation trucks that will head out to the streets of China’s bustling city, Beijing, where these trucks will go around completing tasks such as transporting garbage, sweeping roads and sprinkling water. These will be high performance vehicles, boasting of zero emissions, low noise and low heat radiation. A solitary charge is able to deliver up to 90km of range, so it ought to be able to cover quite a fair number of neighborhoods each day before returning to their “base” to receive their juices, renewing their batteries for the next day.

Despite a top speed of 140km, we don’t think the drivers will ever put the pedal to the metal since there is no reason to. With eight models in total, there will be three different loading capacities – 2 tons, 8 tons and 16 tons.

All of them will see action across 14 regions and counties of Beijing, where 78 of them will roll out first on Changan Street, the second ring road and the third ring road of Beijing. Bear in mind that these are built in China from ground up, without any external technology – how’s that for progress?

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