You know just how some musical instruments look a whole lot weirder than the rest? Well, surely none of them can beat the hipDisk – and I am not quite sure whether it will live up to its verb of being ‘hip’, but it definitely goes down well with the noun bit, as the hipDisk is meant to be ‘played’ as you twirl it around your hip (where else) just like a tutu. 

To generate simple monophonic tunes or melodies, you will need to twist, turn, bend or stretch in order to have the two conductive contact points meet. Original hipDisk prototypes were first designed and created by Danielle Wilde back in 2007, and it was an instrument that was meant to get people moving – although we are quite sure that Nintendo beat them to it with the Wii – on a large scale, of course.

A particular body movement will result in one of a dozen notes over a chromatic scale, so if you were to choreograph yourself carefully, you will be able to churn out a simple, stylophone-like musical composition. Definitely not meant for those who are relatively unfit, with the only exercise they get coming from working the keyboard. The hipDisk is said to come in kit form soon, and we do not know just how much it will cost at the moment.

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