Being a full time blogger can be hard work as those endless hours sitting at your desk can really take a toll on your back, which is why Homedics’ Shiatsu Massaging Office Chair with heat seems like a pretty good idea to me.

From its looks alone, the Shiatsu Massaging Office Chair looks like any other ordinary office chair, but take a seat and flip the switch and you should be able to tell the difference. It features a kneading motion that is supposed to simulate a real shiatsu massage (although it does lack the human touch) that can travel up and down your back. Apart from the massaging feature, it also comes with heat which we’re guessing will help to soothe those tired muscles.

It has everything a chair would normally come with such adjustable seat height and a tilt lock. The chair can also be easily removed for those times when it breaks down on you and you need to send it in for repair. Now if all that sounded good to you, the Shiatsu Massaging Office Chair will cost you $299, which seems like a pretty good deal, and will be available from Homedics’ website.

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