The next time you purchase a vehicle, make sure that it boasts great mileage in addition to being a hybrid mode of transport (or an all electric one if you want to go green all the way), in addition to making sure its factories follow the green path as well. You won’t go wrong with Honda though, as the Japanese vehicle giant has made 10 of their facilities zero waste. Basically, they managed to trim 63 pounds of trash generated from each car made to just 1.8 pounds – now how did they manage to do it?

Combined, Honda’s 14 North American facilities send less than one-half of one percent of all operating waste to landfills. The two remaining landfill waste streams are paper, plastic and food waste from break rooms and cafeterias at Honda’s Mexico automobile and motorcycle factories, where there are no environmentally responsible means of disposal; and a byproduct of the paint pretreatment process for aluminum body panels at Honda’s East Liberty and Marysville, OH sites. This byproduct, in accordance with EPA regulations, has been deemed non-recyclable.

This just goes to show that a high level of efficiency is achievable within the industry, and with Honda leading the way, surely other companies will be able to follow suit.

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