You know how Apple has marketed the glass on their iPhone 4 to be “20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic”? Well it looks like those claims may not be a marketing gimmick after all, as a skydiver has recently found out when he dropped his iPhone 4 while skydiving at 13,500 feet.

Jerrod McKinney said that when he landed on the ground and reached into his pocket for his iPhone 4, he discovered it was missing, and thanks to the “Find my iPhone” app on his iPad, he located the device only a quarter mile away from where he had landed. It seems that his device had landed on top of a roof of a factory whose workers were enjoying a company picnic, and after explaining the situation to them, they offered to lift him up to the roof to take a look.

He then discovered his phone was indeed up on the roof, and although the glass was completely shattered (as pictured above), the internals seemed to work just fine, as evidenced in its ability to communicate its GPS coordinates to the “Find my iPhone” app. We’re guessing that the glass absorbed the majority of the impact. McKinney’s skydiving instructor, Jumping Joe Johnson, even made a call to the device just to see if it worked, and we’re guessing when the phone vibrated to indicate the incoming call, McKinney must have been pretty darn pleased.

An unintentional testing of the device’s durability with 13,500 foot drop sure makes those tests that G-Form conducts for their Extreme cases seem a little lackluster.

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