Every year, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel sends a crew down to Hollywood Boulevard to get people’s reactions to a new iPhone. The crew pranks people by presenting them with an old iPhone and telling them that it’s the one that was just announced. Some people fall for the prank and sing praises of a device that has been out for quite some time. You’d think they’d be able to tell the iPhone X apart but you’d be wrong.

The iPhone X is unlike any iPhone that Apple has previously released. It’s the first without a Home button, something that has been a permanent fixture on iPhones since the very first one came out in 2017.

Kimmel’s crew went to Hollywood Boulevard recently and handed people an iPhone 4 while telling them that it’s the new iPhone X. They were asked for their opinion about it. Keep in mind that this is a device that was released 7 years ago.

The opinions, as you can probably imagine, are hilarious. Some people are really surprised by the iPhone 4 and believe that it’s the new iPhone that everyone’s talking about these days. Some even praise its “clear pixelation.”

It’s a hilarious video so do check it out. And yes, it goes without saying for every one person that was fooled by the iPhone 4, there will be many more who can easily tell it apart.

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