Samsung Galaxy S II gets dedicated Angry Birds leveliPhone users tend to gloat that they get all the good games first, before it arrives on other platforms such as Android and Windows Phone 7. One of the prime examples would be Angry Birds, but on the other hand, Angry Birds is a free download on Android, so I guess that is some sort of compensation. Today, the tables have turned – Android owners, specifically those who rock to the Samsung Galaxy S II, will be able to enjoy a dedicated level in Angry Birds. This level will be a Golden Egg level, where it can be attained in the latest Angry Birds Seasons edition of Summer Pignic.

It is said that the level exists somewhere else in the Galaxy (you can tell why it is an exclusive only on the Galaxy S II now, right?), where the laws of physics have changed somewhat compared to what you find on the third rock from the sun. I watched the video, and it seemed that the black and white birds could fly farther than usual. 

I’m sure you’re wondering just where you can find it and would prefer me to stop rambling, so here it is – the Golden Egg is in the third level of Summer Pignic, but if that clue isn’t enough to get you going and you love taking shortcuts, check out the video walkthrough below.

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