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The Angry Birds 'Venting Machine' Is Something You Might Need
To celebrate Angry Birds 10th anniversary, Rovio decided to make a “Venting Machine” on which you can pass all your anger.As part of its “Bring the Anger” campaign with the celebration, the idea of a ‘Venting Machine’ is almost the perfect thing one could have asked for.The interesting thing is that it is not a high-tech machine, but just something that you can attack with your anger and in return […]

Rovio Launches New Augmented Reality Angry Birds Game
Back in the day having Angry Birds available on your mobile platform was a big deal. These days the franchise is nowhere as popular as it once was, but it seems that Rovio is continuing to push it. The company, together with Resolution Games, has launched a new Angry Birds title in the form of Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs.

Rovio Isn’t Done With Angry Birds Yet, Releases Angry Birds Dream Blast
Back when smartphones were still new-ish, Rovio’s Angry Birds was one of the more popular games. It was so popular that companies like Microsoft were trying to get Rovio to bring the game onto Windows Phone. These days it’s more like a fond memory of the good old days, but it looks like Rovio isn’t done milking the franchise yet.

Sony, Rovio Confirm New ‘Angry Birds’ Movie For 2019
Last year it was confirmed that a new Angry Birds movie was in the works but for those wondering about a release date, Sony and Rovio have recently confirmed that the movie is set for a release on the 20th of September, 2019. This means that fans will have a little over a year left before they’ll be able to check it out.


Rovio Returns With ‘Angry Birds Evolution’
To say that the Angry Birds franchise is getting a bit long in the tooth would be a pretty accurate statement. While the game was extremely popular back in the day where it helped demonstrate the capabilities of smartphones and gaming potential, these days it isn’t quite what it used to be, although that hasn’t stopped Rovio from churning out new titles and milking it.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 Announced
You can’t fault Rovio for milking the Angry Birds franchise. It has been a very long time since this mobile app that lets you hurl angry birds at pigs came out for iOS. It has since been expanded to a wide variety of platforms and countless iterations of the game itself have been released. Hollywood even made an Angry Birds movie, and now it’s making another one. Columbia Pictures has […]

‘Angry Birds Blast!’ Has Been Officially Released
Just when you thought that the Angry Birds franchise was all and done for, a few days ago Rovio announced a new title in the franchise called “Angry Birds Blast!”. For those who have fond memories of the Angry Birds franchise and wouldn’t mind checking the game out, you’ll be happy to learn that the game is now available for download.

Rovio Announces New ‘Angry Birds Blast!’ Mobile Title
Rewind the clock a few years back and titles such as Angry Birds was some of the more popular titles available on mobile. Heck, it was so popular that the fact that it launched on Windows Phone was such a big deal that some speculated that it could even help attract users onto Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Angry Birds Movie Just Dethrone Captain America Over The Weekend
With all the hype and success that Marvel has had with their Iron Man, Captain America, and Avengers franchises, many had expected Captain America: Civil War to be a hit movie, and sure enough it was, but unfortunately over in the US, the movie only managed to hold onto its crown for two weeks.

The Angry Birds Movie Has Been Breaking Records
Movie adaptations of video games are typically met with skepticism. After all what we’ve seen in the past few years certainly leaves a lot to be desired, but it looks like Rovio’s Angry Birds movie is one of the few adaptations that has broken free of that stereotype and in the process, has managed to break some records too.

Angry Birds Movie Secret Post-Credits Scene Will Need Your Phone
As you might have heard, an Angry Birds movie is in the works and while it might seem like Rovio is trying to milk the franchise for all its worth, we have to admit that the trailer is pretty hilarious and hopefully the movie will be too. That being said if you are a fan of post-credit scenes, you might want to stick around after the movie has ended.

Angry Birds Movie Official Theatrical Trailer Released
A couple of years ago, Rovio announced that an Angry Birds movie would be developed, and just last year we were treated to the movie’s first official teaser trailer. Now for those who want a more in-depth look at the movie, you’re in luck as the official theatrical trailer has since been released.

Angry Birds Movie Trailer Released
It’s safe to say that Rovio has milked Angry Birds for every penny that it’s worth, and then some. There have been countless titles in the franchise on a wide variety of platforms and a plethora of merchandise that has brought in a significant chunk of revenue for the company. A movie has been in the pipeline for quite some time now and today the first official The Angry Birds Movie […]

Angry Birds Will Be Flying Onto Tizen Soon
As much as companies like BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Samsung can tout their mobile operating system’s features, security, efficiency, and etc., the truth is that it all boils down to having a strong ecosystem. This is something both Apple and Google have established way back in the day.After all why would anyone swap platforms if it means they lose access to the majority of their apps, right? Now the Tizen platform […]