Sonos has released Play:3, a new speaker system that will drive its offering below $300. The Play 3 has three internal spakers (hence its name) and is smaller than many (if not most) speaker systems for iPhone/iPod. At this price point, the Sonos become a real alternative for smartphone users. It’s even better because it works with Android devices and computers as well.

If you are not familiar with the Sonos, line of products, they are built to stream music over WiFi. The setup is very simple, and they are compatible with a lot of web services, but also with the iTunes server. Sonos is known to be a multi-room music system, but in fact, it does not have to be multi-room at all. They have been originally pushing this concept because they have a technology that ensures that music in every room will be perfectly synchronized, and without any time delay.That technology however is still there and Sonos is making good use of it in the Play 3: it is possible to combine two Play3 units into an awesome stereo setup. The Sonos software will treat each unit as a Left/Right speaker and separate the sound accordingly.

Overall, the Play:3 brings down the Sonos goodness to a price level that is accessible to more users. I only wish that Sonos would allow using the speaker as a “dumb” speaker, but this is not the case, so keep that in mind.

Sonos has also renamed its line of product. The players are called Play 3 and Play 5 and they can be connected to a Bridge unit, or directly via Ethernet. The ZonePlayer 120 and 90 are designed to be connected to a speaker system if you already have a fancy sound setup. Here’s the official Sonos video below:

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