Do you feel that some of your tech gadgets stand out a bit too much in your home? Are you finding that you have to compromise on the design or space you want to make room for certain gadgets? If you are, then maybe you might be interested in IKEA’s new Symfonisk speakers which double up as a picture frame.

Development of this speaker was actually hinted at back in April where it seems that both IKEA and Sonos would be collaborating once again. It looks like that collaboration is now official and this new speaker is set to debut on the 15th of July. What makes this speaker unique is that it can double up as a picture frame where there will be various compatible artworks sold separately for it at $20 each.

These art pieces are all custom made for the frame so they can snap on or off pretty easily. This means that in terms of customization, you might not be able to customize it with your own personal art pieces, at least for now. We can’t speak to the quality of these speakers, but if you’re not looking for audiophile grade audio, it could be a good way to blend art and gadgets together.

We’ve already seen similar efforts from other companies such as Samsung, who have also created TVs that can double up as picture frames used to display photos or art pieces.

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