If you prefer having a more bassier sound to your music and movie listening experience, having a subwoofer will go a long way in helping you achieve that. For Sonos users, the company has the Sonos Sub, a wireless subwoofer system that is priced at over $800, which is kind of expensive.

For casual users, this might be a bit too much to spend on just a subwoofer, but there is some good news. According to a post on Reddit, u/S114HED discovered evidence within the Sonos app that suggests that the company could be working on a smaller and potentially cheaper subwoofer.

This device is apparently called the Sub Mini, which makes sense if it is indeed a smaller version of the Sub. However, it will have a different design and will be cylindrical in nature as opposed to the square/boxy shape of the current Sub. Based on the app’s description and text, it doesn’t sound like the reference to the Sub Mini was a typo of an existing product, so it could be the real deal.

Sonos hasn’t confirmed anything yet so it is unclear when the device could launch. Its smaller nature might not offer as much punch compared to the larger Sub, but its cheaper price tag could be attractive enough for users who want to help boost the lower-ends of their speakers.

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