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Sonos’ Speakers Can Now Work With General Electric’s Appliances
One of the joys of the modern age is that a lot of our home appliances and gadgets have gotten smarter. In fact, if you own a Sonos speaker and you have some General Electric appliances in your home, you might be interested to learn that Sonos and GE appliances can now communicate with each other.

Sonos Move Bluetooth Speaker Updated With Longer Battery Life
Sonos is known for their wireless speakers, but until last year, the company’s speakers relied on a WiFi connection for their wireless connectivity. However, like we said, back in 2019, the company took the wraps off the Sonos Move, Sonos’ first ever Bluetooth speaker, and now it looks like they have given it a bit of an upgrade in that battery department.

Sonos Arc Smart Soundbar With Dolby Atmos Support Announced
Sonos is no stranger when it comes to soundbars, but it an announcement by the company, they have revealed their latest offering in the form of the Sonos Arc, which they are calling a “premium” soundbar where it comes with support for Dolby’s Atmos, which in theory should give listeners a better home theater sounding experience.

Sonos Backtracks On Its ‘Recycle Mode’ That Bricks Older Speakers
It used to be that you could buy a device and it would last you until it broke down. This is why Sonos came under fire when they announced that they would be ending support for some of its older products (they later reversed their decision). Now it looks like the company is backtracking on yet another controversial decision in the form of “recycle mode”.


Sonos Backtracks On Its Plans To End Support For Its Older Speakers
The problem with a lot of our modern day smart devices is that software support for them could end at any point in time, depending on the company that makes them. This problem was highlighted just last week when Sonos announced that they would be ending support for some of its legacy speakers.

Sonos To Officially Stop Supporting Its Older Speakers This May
If you were one of Sonos’ earlier adopters when the company first started out, then we might have some bad news for you because according to Sonos, the company has announced that they will be officially ending support for some of their older speakers.

Free Spotify Users Can Now Stream Playlists Through Alexa, Bose, Sonos Speakers
If the idea of being able to stream your Spotify playlists through speakers like those made by Sonos, Bose, or any Alexa-powered speaker, you might not have been able to unless you’re a Spotify Premium user. However, the good news is that Spotify has since announced that they will now allow streaming for its free users as well.

Sonos Acquires A Voice Assistant Startup
There are several voice assistants in the market today, like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, and Bixby, just to name a few, but could Sonos could be looking to build something of their own? According to a report from Variety, it seems that the company is interested in voice assistants as the company has acquired a voice assistant startup called Snips for $37.5 million.

Sonos Move is The Company’s First Bluetooth Speaker
For a while now, we have been hearing rumors and have also been treated to leaks that Sonos could be getting ready to launch their first Bluetooth speaker. Previously, the company’s speakers did offer support for wireless connectivity but it was through WiFi, meaning that they weren’t exactly ideal for portable use.

Photos Of Upcoming Sonos Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Leaked
Last week, there were rumors that Sonos has a new set of speakers in the works that would focus on portability. It was also said that it would offer up both Bluetooth and wireless connectivity. Now thanks to the folks at, they have managed to get their hands on photos of the upcoming speakers.

New Sonos Bluetooth Speaker With AirPlay 2 Reportedly Arriving This Fall
If you’re a fan of Sonos’ streaming speakers, then you might be interested to learn that the company could actually have a set of new Bluetooth speakers in the works. This is according to multiple reports from Dave Zatz and The Verge who have heard from sources and also seen from FCC filings that a new Sonos speaker could be in development.

Google Assistant On Sonos Expands To More Countries
It has been a few weeks since Google Assistant arrived on Sonos. However, it was only available to Sonos owners in the United States. That changes today. It has been confirmed that Google Assistant on Sonos is now expanding to more countries, six to be precise. To that end, a software update is being rolled out which adds Assistant to Sonos in these markets.

Google Assistant Now Available On Sonos One And Beam
Sonos had initially confirmed Google Assistant support for its Sonos One speaker when it was launched in October 2017. The digital assistant was also to be supported on the Sonos Beam smart speaker. It has taken a considerable amount of time for this to happen but as promised by the company last week, the Google Assistant is now available on the Sonos One and Beam smart speakers.

Sonos Speakers Get Google Assistant Next Week
Sonos has been beta testing Google Assistant support for some of its smart speakers for a few months now. It’s finally done with that and will now be rolling out support for the digital personal assistant to compatible models for all users. The company has confirmed that the Sonos One and Sonos Beam smart speakers will receive support for Google Assistant next week.