Sonos Launches Outdoor Speakers In Partnership With Sonance

Sonos has teamed up with Sonance for the all-new Sonos Architectural collection of speakers intended for both indoor and outdoor use. Customers can choose from an in-wall, in-ceiling, and weatherproof outdoor speakers. These passive speakers have been optimized to work with the Sonos Amp, thus allowing users to have an integrated audio system for the entire home.

YouTube Music Is Now Available On Sonos

YouTube Music subscribers will now be able to stream music from their preferred service on Sonos speakers. It has been confirmed today that YouTube Music is now available on Sonos. All users need to do is add a paid Premium subscription to their Sonos system to gain access to YouTube’s music streaming service.

Sonos Reportedly Working On High-End Headphones

Sonos is reportedly branching out of high-end home audio. The company is believed to be working on a pair of high-end headphones. It would be the first such product of its kind from the company that has long been making speakers for your home. The speakers will apparently have support for multiple smart assistants as well.

Symfonisk Smart Speakers From Ikea And Sonos Arrive This August

Ikea and Sonos had announced a partnership on speakers back in 2017. The companies wanted to merge Sonos products into Ikea furniture and provide customers looking for built-in home sound systems with an affordable option. It has now been confirmed that their line of Symfonisk smart speakers is going to be released in August this year


New Sonos Satellite Speaker Could Be In The Works

Sonos is a company that many are probably familiar with for their standalone speakers that have the ability to stream music from sources such as Spotify. If you’re hoping to see more speaker options from Sonos this year, your wish could be granted because according to a report from Variety, they have spotted an FCC filing that hints at new products in the works.

Sonos Google Assistant Support Delayed Until 2019

Sonos announced last year that it would bring Google Assistant support to the Sonos One in 2018. It said that Assistant on the Sonos One would work the same as it does on any other device. The announcement was made after it added support for Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. Sonos today confirmed that it’s delaying Assistant support until next year.

Sonos Speakers Might Get Roku Voice Control

Sonos smart speakers may get Roku voice control if a new report is to be believed. It’s said that the two companies are in “preliminary” talks about making this happen. There’s as much possibility of these talks falling through right now than there’s the chance of this actually happening.

IFTTT Support Comes To Sonos Speakers

IFTTT’s app is a pretty nifty tool if you are looking to automate certain tasks on your phone. The good news for users is that if you are using a Sonos speaker, it looks like IFTTT support has officially arrived on the device where IFTTT will now be integrated into the Sonos Sound Platform.

New Sonos Amp Can Power Speakers From Almost Any Source

Sonos today announced the launch of a new version of the Amp. It’s a versatile and powerful home audio hub that’s capable of powering conventional speakers from almost any source. The app will allow owners to use their conventional audio speakers with a Sonos system. The company says that its new Amp is twice as powerful as its predecessor. Any conventional speakers hooked up to the hub are fully integrated […]

Sonos One And Beam Get Support For Alexa Announcements

The Alexa Announcements feature was launched by Amazon a couple of months back. It essentially transforms a multi-room smart speaker setup into a home announcement system. This feature was initially limited to Amazon’s Echo speakers only but the company has now opened it up to third-party devices as well. Sonos One and Beam have now received support for Alexa Announcements. Sonos now has the first third-party smart speakers that are […]

Sonos Expects Product Releases To Be Faster Now

There are many things that go into deciding how long passes in between product releases. For example it could be due to cost where smaller companies might have a harder time trying to get products out to the market. However the good news for Sonos fans is that if you’re hoping to see more products from the company, you’re in luck.

Google Assistant Could Arrive On Sonos Speakers By End Of The Year

Early last year Sonos expressed their interest in getting digital assistant baked into its speakers. For Sonos users this sounded like a great idea and it was a wish that later came true when Sonos launched speakers with Amazon’s Alexa built into them. However if you’re more of a Google Assistant user, not to worry.

Sonos AirPlay 2 Support Arrives Via Software Update

The latest Sonos speakers are receiving a new software update today which adds AirPlay 2 support. The speakers that are receiving this update today will be able to let iOS users select the speakers that they want music to be played through, taking advantage of the new multi-room audio support.

Sonos Confirms $100 Million IPO Plans

It has been reported for a while now that Sonos has been thinking about going public and the company has officially confirmed that now. The company had filed the required paperwork with the SEC back in April this year and it has now officially filed for a $100 million initial public offering. Sonos is one of the leading audio companies in the market, having been founded less than two decades […]