Amazon logoGood news Kindle owners, it appears that Amazon has quietly rolled out a new social networking service over the weekend for their Kindle owners. We don’t think that Amazon has any plans to fight the big boys at Facebook for social networking superiority but given the growing number of Kindle owners, we’re guessing that Amazon decided to bring them all together via a social network of its own.

We’re not sure what’s with the quiet rollout, could be because they did not want to be compared unfairly to other social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter, but the good news is that it’s here.

Amazon Kindle owners will now have their own dedicated profiles online and much like Facebook pages or Twitter, users can now follow them and keep updated with what that person has read, is reading, has plans to read and has stopped reading. It sounds a bit stalker-ish if you ask me but it seems like a great way to get book recommendations, especially if that person you’re following has pretty much the same taste as you do.

If you have a Kindle, just head on down to Amazon’s Kindle webpage for more information.

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