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How To Delete Your LinkedIn Account
Unlike some social networking platforms out there, LinkedIn makes it very easy for users to completely erase their accounts. Once you do that, your profile will vanish from the LinkedIn platform and eventually stop showing up on search engine results.

How To Block Someone on Snapchat (Android, iOS)
Snapchat is only as fun as your contacts are. Here is how to block, or unlock, someone in seconds.

How to Add a Location In Instagram
When you put a location in an Instagram photo or video – you add a geo-tag to your uploaded file. It not only lets your friends know of the location where you are at, but also enables everyone who views your posts to search more relevant photos of that particular location.

Facebook News Feed Favors Friends & Pages Vs. Memes
Facebook lets us do much more than just stay in touch with friends. There are countless features that can be used for networking, Pages on the other hand let users connect with their favorite personalities, brands, companies etc. Updates from friends and Pages are shown in the user’s News Feed, a one stop destination for the user’s entire presence on the world’s largest social network. Facebook announced today that it […]


Searching For Recipes On Pinterest Is Now Easier
Pinterest today launched a new feature which will make it easier for users who like to discover, share and save recipes on the website. The new feature is effectively a search engine for recipes, allowing users to search by specific ingredients, preferences such as gulten-free, vegan, vegetarian and even paleo meal ideas. If your New Years resolution was to committed to eating healthy, then Pinterest’s new feature will make it […]

Facebook Tests New Timeline Designs, 'Like Page' Button
Did you just start getting used to Facebook’s Timeline to a point where you’re actually starting to like it? That’s too bad because Facebook is announcing they’re going to be making some changes to it, which we’re sure you’re going to hate anyways.Instead of your Timeline’s current double-layer layout, the test Timeline pages will adopt a single-column layout that will show off all of your posts and updates. The left […]

Facebook Graph Search: A Great Strategic Move
Earlier today, we laid out the basic functionality of the new Graph Search live from the Facebook HQ in Menlo Park. Beyond the new features, it is interesting to look at how this will help Facebook going forward, including monetization. The “business” question was raised during the Q&A sessions and it is completely legitimate, especially when you think about the potential infrastructure cost of running this resource-intensive, 100% personalized, feature. […]

Facebook Privacy Message Is Pointless. Stop Posting
I’ve noticed the privacy message over the week-end, but I didn’t think much about it until it started to show up in more and more feeds. Basically, the idea was that by posting a simple message prohibiting the use of your information, you would be protected from what many see as invasion of their privacy, even if the Facebook terms of use say otherwise. Of course, posting such a message […]

1M Facebook User Emails Allegedly Purchased For... $5
Bogonil Shopov, a Bulgarian blogger, says that he has managed to purchase 1 million Facebook users for a mere $5 – a pittance for email marketers and spammers. The data was sold on a site called “Gigabucks”, and so far, the Facebook ID seemed legitimate, so the Facebook security team has promptly contacted Bogonil.According to Bogonil, Facebook wanted to keep their conversation “a secret”, here’s an extract of the Facebook […]

Bing integrates Quora to social sidebar
Microsoft has just announced that the Bing website is now integrating Quora in the social side bar. The idea -says Bing- is that the Microsoft search engine not only want to show pertinent search results, but also who provides relevant answers. Although there are relevant answers elsewhere (forums, Q&A sites…), this is a potentially huge win for Quora, where most users log-in via Facebook with their real identity. U.S based […]

Facebook Pages Management Improvements
There are a lot of people managing Facebook Pages out there, so this is for you: Facebook has (finally) added a couple of features that will make your life easier. First of all, the admin roles get a little bit more granular so that managing a Facebook page can be a real team effort with less risk of a major snafu. To do this, Facebook is adding several layer of […]

The Facebook App Center, Publicly Available
Facebook has just announced its App Center to the public in San Francisco, after doing so to developers on May 9th. It is a place where Facebook users can browse and find all kinds of apps that may cater to their interests. Prior to that apps could be searchable, or found randomly from friends updates, but not in a familiar format like an “app store”. The twist is that the […]

Facebook Introduces Facebook Camera for iOS
Facebook just launched its own Camera application which lets users focus on browsing their albums and their friends’ albums, without having to load -and wait for- the rest of the Facebook experience. As you may have seen, Facebook does take photos very seriously and has spend one Billion dollars to buy Instagram recently. Yet, the company didn’t wait for some kind of integration with Instagram to improve the Facebook mobile […]

Bing New Architecture: Introducing Snapshot and Social Sidebar
This morning, we were at a press conference at Microsoft’s offices in San Francisco to see a demo of the revamped Bing search engine.  Touted as a “new approach to search” by Microsoft, the new architecture features a three columns design, dividing the search activity in 3 distinct areas: Core Web Results, Snapshot and Sidebar (see picture in the complete article – or watch the demo).On the left, Core Web […]

Maryland has banned employers from asking for social media passwords
A while back it was reported that a teacher’s aide had been fired from her job for refusing to give her employers access to her Facebook account. While we understand that some companies have a certain image they’d like to maintain, asking employees to privatize their Facebook pages or remove some “sensitive” photos or status updates sounds like a better idea than asking directly for their passwords, right? Now it seems […]

Google+ Hangout Apps Finally Ready for Use
It is not our intention to overload you with Google+ news after we covered their first TV ad in the UK as well as the Google Comments which will be integrated with Google+, but this new tit-bit of information is simply too good to ignore. The search giants have announced the arrival of some of its first fully featured apps for Google+ Hangouts. The apps amounting to 6 are part […]

Double murder occurs after Facebook "defriending"
I always find it highly amusing that some people take their social network relationships and connections too seriously – so what if someone takes you off as their friend on Facebook? Is it a good enough reason for something as serious as murder? Apparently so, as a Tennessee couple who “defriended” a woman on Facebook were later murdered right in their abode, no thanks to the jilted woman’s father and […]

White House gets own Google+ page
The White House is a symbol of power, and is the official residence of the most powerful man in the world. Well, it seems that keeping in touch with a nation of 300 million or so people is important, so what better way to reach out to them than through the Internet – a social network, in this case? The White House has its own Google+ page that opened to […]

Google Circles: a new social push from Google, coming up?
Google’s Google+ did take off at a rather explosive pace, but it seems that the momentum has slowed down now, so much so that Google might have another social networking card up their sleeves – with Google Circles being another cog in the larger social initiative machine. There are reasons to believe that Google would have previewed a major new social service known as Google Circles at South by Southwest […]

Nokia Maps 3D updated with navigation and sharing features
Some time earlier this year, Nokia unveiled their Nokia Maps 3D which in a way is sort of like Google Earth and lets you view various locations around the world in detailed format. The good news is that if you particularly enjoyed Nokia Maps 3D, the company has decided to take it one step further by updating it and include several new features that may appeal to more users.