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How To Convert Kindle Books to PDF in Minute (Win, Mac, Android)
A 1-minute method to convert Kindle Books to PDF files online. Works on all platforms, and does not require software installation to your computer.

Amazon Starts Selling Their Kindles & Fire TVs At Whole Foods
Having built their business around a digital storefront that can deliver pretty much all over the world, it seems that Amazon is clearly interested in being able to sell its products in person as well. We’ve seen the company launch physical bookstores where customers can buy books and other Amazon products like Kindles, and now they’re bringing that business model to Whole Foods.

Amazon's Cheapest Kindle Gets Audible Support
Amazon sells a variety of Kindle models and the new Kindle Oasis is one of them. The e-reader offers good functionality, it’s even waterproof, and it also has support for Audible. If you think that the Kindle Oasis is not something you’d like to spend a lot of money on, don’t worry. According to a new report, Amazon is soon going to add Audible support to its cheapest Kindle e-reader.

Amazon Has Discounted Kindles By $30 To Celebrate Anniversary
Amazon is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Kindle hardware by offering discounts on existing models. The company released its first Kindle e-reader a decade ago. The company and its hardware efforts have certainly come a long way since then but the Kindle has been there every step of the way. Amazon has every reason to celebrate this major milestone for the Kindle lineup.


Amazon Launches Kindle For Kids Bundle For $100
Some might argue that there will always been a demand for physical books, while others believe that e-books are the future. If you are in the latter camp, maybe you just enjoy the convenience of being able to read any book anytime and anywhere, we guess that’s fair, and if you want to help instill the habit of reading in your kids in a more modern way, Amazon has something […]

Amazon Announces Plans To Launch 100 Pop-Up Stores In The US
Think of Amazon and you might think of the company’s various online services as a retailer. Not only did they sell items online, but they seemed to revel in their digital nature through offerings like the Kindle e-readers and e-books. However that started to change last year when they launched their first physical bookstore.

Kobo Aura One Is a Big Waterproof E-Reader
Amazon isn’t the only company that makes e-readers but its Kindle devices have long dominated the market. Kobo makes similar devices and its latest product has some neat features that haven’t arrived in a Kindle yet. It’s a big e-reader with a 7.8 inch display and it happens to be waterproof. It has that capability despite being thin and light, attributes that are very important particularly in e-readers.

Amazon Introduces Page Flip Digital Bookmark Feature For Kindles
Amazon’s Kindle e-readers are some of the best products money can buy if you’re in the market for an e-reader. It has built a whole ecosystem around that and the latest addition to this ecosystem is a new digital bookmark feature called Page Flip. Amazon calls it the “digital equivalent of sticking your fingers in the book.” As the name suggests, this feature will make it easier for people to […]

Amazon Launches Redesigned Kindle, Offers Kindle Paperwhite In White
Amazon has launched a new and improved Kindle e-reader today. The new e-reader is the first update to the company’s most affordable model in two years and it is thinner and lighter than its predecessor. It also happens to be the first Kindle from Amazon since the 2010 Kindle Keyboard to be available in white. Starting today, Amazon is also going to offer the Kindle Paperwhite in white color as […]

Amazon's $50 Kindle Fire Tablets Get More Storage And New Colors
Not too long ago Amazon announced a new $50 Kindle tablet aimed at customers who are in the market for a very affordable tablet. At $50 it’s a pretty good deal, you can even buy a six-pack of these tablets for an even better deal. Today it has updated the affordable tablet lineup with new colors and more memory.

Amazon Kindle Oasis Leaked Ahead Of Official Unveiling
According to an announcement by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, he confirmed that later this week we can expect the company to unveil a new high-end Kindle device. The official announcement has yet to be made, but it seems that thanks to a listing spotted in China, the device has since been revealed.

Rechargeable Battery Case To Make New Kindle Thinner
A couple of days ago Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos revealed through Twitter that the company will soon be unveiling a top of the line Kindle, but he didn’t provide any details about the product, so there’s a bit of speculation going around regarding the new Kindle that Amazon is going to launch in the near future. A new report suggests that the upcoming Kindle is going to be […]

New 'Top Of The Line' Kindle Coming Next Week
Amazon is going to launch a new Kindle reader next week. This has been confirmed today by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos on Twitter. Bezos didn’t provide many details about the new Kindle, he just confirmed that his company will be detailing a new model next week and that it’s going to be “top of the line.” That should be enough to keep Kindle fans interested until the announcement.

Kindle Emergency Update Released
Amazon has released an emergency update for its Kindle e-readers. The company warns customers that if they don’t install this update on their Kindle by Tuesday, March 22nd, it will be effectively locked out of the internet. The Kindle will not be able to access the store or sync with the cloud so users won’t be able to download any new books on the e-readers.

Amazon Echo Can Now Read Kindle Ebooks Out Loud
The Amazon Echo speaker was launched in 2014 and it had some limitations back then, which was that it couldn’t read things out loud to you. This changed last year when the Echo speakers were updated with Audible support, in which you could ask Alexa to read Audible books to you, although this wasn’t exactly free as you’d have to purchase Audible products for it to work.

Amazon Adds Updated Sharing Features To Kindle Books
Amazon has released new sharing features for Kindle books, which is aimed at making conversations about books easier for the readers. Now the readers can very well use their smartphone’s messaging applications to have conversations with the friends who have not used Kindle before.Readers were already allowed to share quotations and recommendations with their buddies over Facebook and Twitter, and with this latest feature they can now start conversations with […]

Amazon Kindle For Kids Bundle Launched
In the time before tablets, smartphones, computers, and cable television, kids would play with actual physical toys and read physical books. However given that books can now be easily read on tablets and e-readers, we suppose it makes sense for companies to keep themselves up to date and if you’re looking to develop good reading habits in your children, Amazon has recently launched the Kindle for Kids bundle priced at […]

Amazon's Kindle Convert Turns Your Paper Books Into Digital Ones
There are many reasons why some people might be holding off on getting a Kindle. For starters they might have already amassed a huge collection of books and don’t see the need to pay just to get their books in digital format. There are also some who argue that reading physical books tends to be more enjoyable, but we suppose that is up for debate.That being said if you have […]

UK's Largest Book Retailer Says Kindle Sales Are "Disappearing"
Are e-books and e-readers the future of reading? Will physical books eventually die out and be completely replaced by e-books instead? Well according to Waterstones, the UK’s largest book retailing chain, it seems unlikely that e-books and e-readers will be taking over our lives anytime soon.According to the retailer, they have noticed that sales of Amazon’s Kindle e-book reader has “disappeared”. Instead the retailer claims that they have started to […]

Kindle For iOS Updated
If you are a voracious e-book reader, then might I suggest downloading and installing the latest version of Kindle for iOS? In this latest app update, you will be privy to a bunch of new features that ought to up the ante in your e-book reading experience. One of the new features would be Book Browser (for iPad), where Kindle Unlimited subscribers will now have the luxury of browsing through […]