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Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Review
The touch activated dual-display Yoga Book C930  is a “one a kind” computing device that cannot be categorized under any existing market segment since it is neither a laptop nor a tablet and cannot be viewed only as a note-taking product or a 2-in-1 tablet. That is why, unlike our typical reviews, it is difficult to compare it to any mobile computing product currently available.The successor of the first Yoga […]

Barnes & Noble Rumored To Support new 8-Inch Device
Do you think that certain companies just do not have the right kind of mojo when it comes to a certain market niche? We are now hearing whispers of Barnes & Noble (B&N) working on support for a brand new device that measures 8” in size, although details are still extremely scant at the moment since we have yet to see any kind of new submissions over at the FCC, […]

MIDIA InkPhone E-Reader Doubles Up As A Phone
The MIDIA InkPhone that you see above happens to be a new kind of e-reader which enables you to read your favorite books in the digital format, but it is also able to function as a smartphone. Through the MIDIA InkPhone, you will be able to share what you think about a particular passage with your fellow reading sojourners and hopefully, they will be able to chip in with their […]

EnerGenie ePP2 eReader Also Doubles Up As An ePaper Printer
Not all eReaders are created equal – and the EnerGenie ePP2 eReader is one of the more special ones out there, being a 9.7” device that has been specially positioned itself as an ePaper printer. This is definitely the device for all of you who want to take the green and eco-friendly route, where the EnerGenie ePP2 eReader will be plugged into the PC, and it will register itself as […]


PocketBook eReader gets some color
For those of us who are voracious readers, how has the eReader market changed your reading habits? Have you actually started to migrate to the digital platform, or have you remained a firm believer in the traditional paperback and hardcover? Well, if you want to give the eReader platform a go, you might want to cozy up with what PocketBook has in mind – with the announcement of an 8-inch […]

txtr Beagle lays claim to smallest e-reader in the world title
I am not quite sure about you, but reading on an e-book reader is a difference that is quite like that of an actual book, and yet not quite there. Good thing most of the decent e-book readers released in the past came in respectable sizes for the hands and eyes, but the txtr Beagle from Germany might not be too comfortable for some of us, especially when we are […]

Nook HD and Nook HD+, hands-on
Barnes and Noble strikes back against Amazon with the Nook HD and Nook HD+, two very affordable devices designed by B&N to provide what the company considers to be the “optimum experience” for their customers – that’s how the new Nook HD and Nook HD+ were born. In terms of overall user experience, it is clear that those Nook devices have been built for a more focused purpose in mind […]

Sony PRS-T2 eReader finally becomes official
After making a short appearance at the FCC, and getting an early reveal by retailer J&R last week, Sony’s PRS-T2 eRader is now officially launched. Priced at $129, this is an eReader that aims at a crowd who want a no-nonsense device and prefer e-Paper to LCD displays. The extremely long battery life and the overall compactness and light weight are also part of the “must-have” features for those users.Sony […]

Windows 8 to show up on eReaders?
It looks like Amazon might have a new competitor on the eReader front. According to reports online, we might be seeing Microsoft Windows 8 on devices such as eReaders. It looks like Microsoft isn’t content to just having its operating system on tablets and computers – Kevin turner, Microsoft’s COO mentioned that they want to see it loaded onto anything they can get their hands on. This means there’s a […]

Kyobo e-reader hits South Korea
There is nothing quite like curling up to a good book on a rainy day with a hot mug of coffee in one hand, while there is also a plate of cookies that delivers quick and easy access to boot whenever your stomach experiences hunger pangs. Well, these days, it makes sense for e-book readers to hit the market – and South Korea’s latest e-book reader would be the Kyobo […]

Kobo acquired by Rakuten
Kobo, the eBook reader platform developer and eBook reading app provider has been reported to have been purchased for $315 million by Rakuten, one of the world’s top 3 e-commerce companies by revenue. It looks like Rakuten wants to take a stab at the eBook business with its latest acquisition.Rakuten has been on a shopping spree recently, with the purchase of multiple companies such as PriceMinister (a French e-commerce company), […]

Bookeen delivers the Cybook Odyssey
Bookeen’s foray into the world of e-book readers have yet to come to an end, but rather, it seems that the company is doing pretty well for itself – at least well enough to roll out yet another version of an e-book reader into their fold, the Cybook Odyssey, sporting High Speed Ink System (HSIS) technology (the first from its stable to do so). Apparently, a couple of years of […]

AmazonLocal coming to Kindle with Special Offers
As if getting a Kindle at a reduced price wasn’t good enough with Amazon’s Kindle with Special Offers, customers of the eBook reader are in for another treat. Amazon has just announced that customers will soon start receiving special offers from AmazonLocal on their Kindle screensavers when they aren’t reading (I don’t believe Amazon would make deals pop up while you were reading anyway – that would be annoying).AmazonLocal for […]

Plastic Logic 100 video
Remember the Plastic Logic 100 that we mentioned earlier this morning, where said e-book reader was announced in Russia? Well, there is a full hands-on video of it floating around on YouTube, taking a good 12 minutes of your time. Everything’s in Russian, so if you do not know the language, just enjoy the dozen minutes worth of video. It has been compared to a smaller Sony e-book reader in […]

Scuba Divers use Sony Reader 300ft underwater
Ever used a tablet while you’re underwater in the middle of an ocean? Can’t say I have, but some folks do it on a daily basis especially professional divers like Mark Thurlow and Robin Jacoway. Since they go down to depths of 300-400 ft, they can’t immediately exit the water when they’re done collecting marine life samples – they need to spend time surfacing so that they aren’t affected by […]

Amazon to deliver digital book library
Amazon certainly has a new tablet up their sleeves, but it is still surrounded by a shroud of secrecy. Well, the company is said to be working on a digital book library that will be not too different from that of what Netflix is offering with their e-book subscription service. I guess this bit of news would definitely make Amazon Prime subscribers happy, since that means they have an easier […]

Amazon quietly rolls out Kindle social network
Good news Kindle owners, it appears that Amazon has quietly rolled out a new social networking service over the weekend for their Kindle owners. We don’t think that Amazon has any plans to fight the big boys at Facebook for social networking superiority but given the growing number of Kindle owners, we’re guessing that Amazon decided to bring them all together via a social network of its own.

Pandigital Nova Digital Reader going for $170 at Best Buy
With the growing popularity of ebooks, the number of ebook readers have also started popping up as well. While Amazon’s Kindle reigned supreme back in the day, it now faces stiff competition from the Nook and Kobo just to name a few. While Pandigital has also been producing ebook readers, they have not managed to garner the same amount of notoriety and fame as the other brands mentioned, but perhaps […]

Binatone ReadMe Mobile is a jack of all trades
Binatone has rolled out what some might consider to be a tablet, while another would see it as an e-reader, and yet a different person could call it a personal organizer. I guess this is somewhat equal to a group of blind men describing an elephant. Well, suffice to say the Binatone ReadMe Mobile is capable of doing all of the above, so is it really worth dropping £129 for […]

Pandigital STAR e-book reader goes through FCC motions
The e-book world is littered with plenty of options in this day and age, which is a far cry from what consumers had to put up with a few years ago. Heck, even e-book readers now support color for a more interactive experience, and hardware manufacturers are more adventurous now to venture into this particular niche market. Well, Pandigital’s STAR e-book reader has just gone through the paces at the […]