Launch parties look like fun, or at least that’s how they’re depicted, but it appears that someone in the video editing room at RIM had a little too much fun when a “mysterious” device made an appearance in a promotional video.

The promotional video in question is what appears to be the launch party for the new Blackberry Torch 2, and like most launch/promotional videos, it went about showing off the new device and its features, along with various testimonials from the attendees, and of course what good is a promotional video without the appearance of a competitor’s handset? Wait, what?

It seems that at 15 seconds and 27 seconds into the promotional video, an Android device was spotted in the mix. We’re not sure why or how it got there, but the glowing Android “Home” was spotted, as pictured above and as you will be able to see in the video below.

The video was released and then quickly pulled, but thanks to quick thinkers, the video was snagged, saved, and uploaded to other websites for our viewing pleasure. So what do you guys think?

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