While in-ear earphones tend to be more compact and portable, sometimes they just cannot beat the sound quality of a good pair of headphones, but have you ever attempted to lie down in bed wearing them? If you have then you probably know that it’s not the most comfortable experience as the headphones will probably slip backwards, or if you try to lie on your side the headphones will be pressing up against your ear, ruining your music listening experience completely.


Fret no more as a company has come up with a pair of headphones designed to be worn in bed and even as you sleep, which has been rather appropriately named the Bedphones. The company is claiming that the headphones are less than 1/4” thick and with the foam covered speakers, it should rest pretty gently on your ears. The earhooks are made from moldable memory wire that should provide you with a custom fit as opposed to fixed earhooks which are generally made out of hard rubber or plastic.

It also comes with a standard headphone jack which means it will be compatible with just about any PMP or phone that can play MP3s. The satin eye mask that comes bundled is probably the icing on the cake.

Granted it will probably not be meeting the expectations of audiophiles any time soon, but at a price of just $29.95 it’s hard to complain.

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