For those who are environmentally conscious and want to do their darndest best to keep the earth around for the next generation to enjoy, surely you drive a hybrid or better yet – an electric car, walk to work, commute via public transport as much as possible, are a vegetarian, and own this Cardboard Radio. A what? Yes, Suck UK has churned out this environmentally friendly radio that boasts of an extremely simply design that harks back all the way to the 1960s, where the cardboard radio will enclose the components of the radio. Should you wish to get a new radio that doesn’t look that dorky, then you can always recycle it.

Built with a slot structure in mind, there is no need for unwanted and unnecessary parts apart from the actual components of the radio and cardboard. This results in less stuff for the earth to break down once you do not want this, and you can always have the added bonus of plugging in a compatible portable media player to have the Cardboard Radio function as a pair of speakers. You can bring home the Cardboard Radio from Suck UK for £25.

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