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Google Assistant Adds SiriusXM Integration
Google has been adding a lot of service integrations to make the assistant feature-rich in addition to being something more than a traditional digital assistant. Today, Google announced the SiriusXM radio integration with Google Assistant.With Google Assistant’s integration. SiriusXM shall be able to expand its availability to smart devices like Nest Mini, Nest Hub, and any other devices that support Google Assistant.It is not yet available but you can start […]

In The Future Ambulances Can Interrupt Your Car Radio To Issue Warnings
The sirens on ambulances and emergency vehicles are designed to be loud so that drivers who are far away can hear it and get ready to move out of the way. However sometimes some drivers love putting their music on full blast and are blissfully unaware that an ambulance is trying to get in front of them.

Norway Could Be The World’s First Country To Switch Off FM Radio
You know how back in the day radio used to be one of the main sources of entertainment and music? People would tune into radio to listen to stories being read, lively discussions, as well as listen to the latest songs. Make no mistake radio today still does that, but with the internet and on-demand streaming, is the FM radio still as important as before?

Norway Will Become First Country To Stop Using FM Radio In 2017
Norway is going to become the first country to officially switch off its national FM radio service in just a couple of years. The country is going to take this step in order to complete the transition to digital radio. Norway is going to pull the plug on FM radio in 2017, the country’s Minister of Culture announced earlier this week.


Slacker Music Application Rebranded
Yesterday I attended Slacker launch event in San Francisco where Jim Cady, the CEO, introduced the new Slacker Music Service with its new branding and revamped website and mobile application.Founded in 2006 as a satellite radio company, Slacker became a free digital music radio service just like Pandora, and finally delivered a complete premium music service such as Spotify, Mog or Rhapsody in 2011. The redesigned application now offers over […]

Geneva WorldRadio Unveiled
Geneva has just introduced what they deem to be a contemporary take on the classic world receiver, calling it simply as the WorldRadio. This particular radio is capable of receiving all of the available radio stations via the broadcasting technologies of that particular era, where among them include FM, long, and short waves. Fast forward to today, and most of the popular local radio stations would be broadcast over FM, […]

Apple online radio service in the pipeline?
Apple is right now the most valuable company in the world, and their stock price has certainly grown by leaps and bounds over the years. The thing is, what goes up must come down, but it does seem as though it will take some time before Apple is subject to the laws of gravity and fall back onto Newton’s proverbial head. One of the upcoming innovations from Apple include the […]

Sticher Radio App Redesigned
Stitcher, the mobile radio service that provides news, talk shows, sport and entertainment launched its revamped application. Smart Station, the key new feature, will allow listeners to discover their preferred shows among the 10,000 offered on Stitcher, thanks to personalized recommendations based on your listening history.According to the company, Smart Station, is an update of the ‘Listeners Also Like’ feature released last year, and Stitcher currently generates over 10 million […]

Tuff Tunes Radio can take a beating
Behringer has just announced the launch of a new product called the Tuff Tunes radio. Touted to be indestructible, this water resistant AM/FM radio is protected by a heavy-duty roll cage that is built to let it withstand “severe abuse”. Powered by a rechargeable battery pack, the Tuff Tunes radio will let you listen to your favorite tunes in places like construction sites without you having to worry about the […]

Roberts RecordR is a radio with a funky name
If you’re an avid listener of Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) radio and wish that you had some way to conveniently record what you were listening to, you might want to check out the Roberts RecordR (stylized as RecordЯ). This DAB radio has a bunch of useful features for listeners: the ability to record whatever you’re listening to (onto a memory card), the ability to “PausePlus” a station for up to […]

Parrot ASTEROID now available
The Parrot ASTEROID Android-powered radio was unveiled earlier this year at CES 2011, and if you’ve been waiting patiently for its release we’ve got some good news for you. After quite a number of delays, the radio was supposed to be released in October is finally here. The Parrot ASTEROID can now be purchased online from a number of outlets and it carries an MSRP of $349.In case you were […]

Bloomberg Radio+ app for iOS launched
Enjoy listening to Bloomberg Radio? Well now you’ll be able to do it wherever you bring your iPhone/iPod Touch out thanks to the new Bloomberg Radio+ app. Released today on the Apple App Store, the app will allow users to listen to business and finance reports while looking at real-time charts, latest market information and news, and guest bios at the same time. Through the app, users will be able […]

Ubergizmo on MashUp Radio with Peter Biddle - Intel
Listen to internet radio with MashUp Radio on Blog Talk Radio MashUp Radio is a bi-weekly, 30-minute online radio program that discusses the fusion of technology, life, culture and science. Hosted by Peter Biddle, an engineer and executive for Intel’s Atom Software, the program will take on any topic that’s hot and dish up a thought-provoking discussion!I (Eliane) was invited to participate in the Apps Addicts show, and we had […]

Cardboard Radio keeps the earth happy
For those who are environmentally conscious and want to do their darndest best to keep the earth around for the next generation to enjoy, surely you drive a hybrid or better yet – an electric car, walk to work, commute via public transport as much as possible, are a vegetarian, and own this Cardboard Radio. A what? Yes, Suck UK has churned out this environmentally friendly radio that boasts of […]