Halloween’s just a couple of months away (boy, where did all the time go?) and that means it is time to start thinking of being really creative in your costumes as well as party theme – if you are going to throw one, that is. Strapya, mavens from Japan who carry a bunch of really weird and cute items (mostly cell phone accessories), might just have the one item that you would love – the Hand iPhone Case. This is one creepy iPhone case, where it features a faux hand that is stuck to the back of your iPhone case, meaning you would be holding someone’s hand while talking on the phone.

Heck, you can even post some really silly photos of yourself, such as lying prone on your back, pretending to sleep while the hand lies across your neck as though it is going to give you a crash course in asphyxiation.  Those who watched “The Hand” might want to avoid getting this case for obvious reasons. After all, forking out $64 for the Hand iPhone Case might be a bit too much for some.

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