al13“Designed by m”, a Kickstarter graduate, recently debuted a modified version of its AL13 iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s bumper, where it is known as the AL13 v2 (but of course!) iPhone bumper that has an edge (an overwhelming one at that) compared to the rest of the aluminum enclosures in the market. The main selling point? It is apparently the first aluminum enclosure design in the market that offers zero cell signal loss.

It has taken slightly less than a year after the launch of its first all-aluminum iPhone bumper, where this new project that is known as the AL13 v2 will attend to whatever signal drop issues which appeared on the original. The design of this particular “sequel” is said to offer zero signal loss, all the while retaining a form factor which many looked forward to in its predecessor. Apart from tweaks made to the radio transparency capability, the new AL13 v2 bumper case has also been remodeled, where it will now feature a more secure locking mechanism. Those who are interested will be able to choose from eight colors, where among them include a special “Kickstarter Green” limited edition run.

The AL13 v2 has a goal of $25,000, where early adopter versions will cost $39 with a free mPact Glass protective screen shield.

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