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iPhone 5s Case Tops The Scary Scale
The folks over in Japan certainly have quite the active imagination, and this time around, it would be this particular iPhone 5s case that would come under scrutiny. Basically, this new case is touted to have been produced (or co-produced) by Japanese carrier KDDI, where it arrives in a form factor that might just gross out a whole lot of people, where it is not short of any kind of […]

Al13 v2 iPhone Bumper Claims To Deliver Zero Signal Loss
“Designed by m”, a Kickstarter graduate, recently debuted a modified version of its AL13 iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s bumper, where it is known as the AL13 v2 (but of course!) iPhone bumper that has an edge (an overwhelming one at that) compared to the rest of the aluminum enclosures in the market. The main selling point? It is apparently the first aluminum enclosure design in the market that offers […]

Sensus Case Introduces Pressure-Sensitive Touchpads For The iPhone
Another day, another iPhone case is introduced to the masses. Well, this time around, we have the Sensus Case that will see the introduction of a pressure sensitive touchpad for the iPhone from Apple. It ought to be a brand new way for one to interact with their devices using a case that will allow supported apps to know whether one is touching the device in addition to the amount […]

This iPhone 5 Case Shows Your Love For Eggs In A Basket
Let’s just say for the sake of argument that you love to have some fried eggs for breakfast along with some lightly toasted bread.  In fact, you’re such a big fan of the combination, you have mastered the art of the cooking up an egg in a basket, which is the perfect way to combine a fried egg and toast. But how in the world are you going to express […]


Airbus Concept iPhone Case Could Help Keep Track Of Luggage
Airbus came up with a concept iPhone case and luggage system that helps keep track of bags at all times.

Japanese iPhone 5 Kissing Cases Show Just How In Love You Both Are
Let’s say for the sake of this story, you and your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend or husband have iPhones and you’re the kind of person that matches anything and everything as you think it’s “cute” that you both wear similar things. But one thing you have always wanted to match was your iPhones, but having the same exact iPhone case makes you both look weird. You’re going to need a kissing […]

Iron Man Mark VII Armor Case For iPhone 5 Features A Flashing Power Core
This weekend is one comic book fans have been waiting all year for as Iron Man 3 will soon be released in theaters across the U.S. We know you’re probably excited enough to wear something Iron Man related, maybe even taking your 7-foot tall Iron Man figure with you. But true Iron Man fans who happen to have an iPhone 5 will want to also deck out their device with an […]

Gridcase Reactor Is An iPhone 5 Case Which Features A Hand Crank
We’ve seen some pretty standard iPhone battery cases that will fit around your device and supply power to it, some of them even allowing you to choose when it needs a boost in power the most by turning the feature on or off. The Gridcase Reactor is an iPhone 5 battery case, but it features a unique method of charging the device.The Gridcase Reactor features a hand crank that you […]

Keep Your iPhone And Cup Of Coffee Within Reach With UpperCup Case
Yesterday we highlighted an umbrella that had a grip in its handle that allows the owner to use an umbrella and their smartphone at the same time because we thought it was both a cool and silly concept. We can imagine using the umbrella on a regular basis when using your phone and shielding yourself from rain are equally important.Today, we stumbled onto an iPhone case that should be considered a […]

iPhone 5 Pantone Universe Bookcase
[CES 2013] Case Scenario has taken the opportunity of CES 2013 to announced a design oriented mobile accessory known as the iPhone 5 Pantone Universe Bookcase. Needless to say, the name of this particular accessory gives the game away, catering to iPhone 5 owners who want something different and yet iconic and relevant to the times. Inspired by the iPad Bookcase, the new iPhone 5 cases will arrive in a […]

TinkerBrick Brings LEGO To iPhone Case Landscape
I have yet to meet someone who finds those amazingly constructed plastic bricks known as LEGO annoying or useless. In fact, I do have plenty of fond childhood memories concerning LEGO creations, although in hindsight, it was more of my imagination that pulled me through those “amazing” creations rather than reality itself. Well, here is a tribute to LEGO – the TinkerBrick, which is an iPhone 4/4S case (with an […]

iPhone 4S Dual Sim Card Case By thumbsUp!
The ability to tool two SIMs in a single smartphone is very enticing. If you are an iPhone 4S user and have two SIMs to use, it can be quite a hassle to interchange between them. Normally, it requires taking out the SIM and inserting the other SIM in its place.A number of smartphones offer dual-SIM functionality. However, none of the iPhone devices have been on that list. While Apple […]

HEX Stealth iPhone 4/4S case
When it comes to a protective case for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, you can say that there are aplenty to choose from in the open market. Very rarely does one pop up once in a while to stand heads and shoulders above the rest – but the HEX Stealth iPhone 4/4S case certainly looks set to fit that criteria. The Stealth delivers protection of the phone from knocks, […]

Optrix XD Sport is a waterproof iPhone case
So you are one who loves to bring your iPhone out on adventures, even wet and wild ones simply because of the iPhone’s fantastic camera that allows you to capture images and video under the most challenging circumstances as compared to other smartphones. Well, there is the very real danger of your iPhone ending up sleeping with the fishes, which is why Optrix has come up with the XD Sport […]

ego Hybrid Series USB Case offers built-in USB drive
All right, we have seen iPhone cases in the past, especially from mophie and their collection of juice packs, where the iPhone case not only functions as a protective layer, but it also delivers an additional boost of power. How about a different take on the iPhone case this time around? Thanks to ego and their Hybrid Series USB Case, we are looking at the first of its kind which […]

OtterBox Military-Style Camo cases for iPhone 4/4S
Your spanking new iPhone 4S is definitely a beauty to behold, but since it is not made out of self-healing plastics yet, you would do well to get a protective case for it to minimize any scratches or nicks happening to it in the event of an unfortunate fall or knock. OtterBox is here to save the day with their Military-Style Camo case, offering up to 11 options for you […]

KidSafe reversible iPhone case
TRTL BOT, the designer of eco-functional iPhone and iPad cases, has just announced the availability of their latest invention, the KidSafe. The KidSafe is said to be the first ever reversible iPhone 4/4S case which was specially designed to ensure it remains free from any external damage such as scratches and knocks, while ensuring that not only apps, but settings, too, remain inaccessible to children. After all, you can never […]

Retro Apple iPhone cases rolls back the years
Since you have been toting the Apple iPhone since it was first released in 2007 (and subsequently, making all the relevant upgrades to the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and now, the iPhone 4S), you too, have read up about Apple’s history (or perhaps already know all about the company beforehand). Why not bridge the old and the new in a single amalgamation with the help of these retro […]

Kungl iPhone case has a tripod mount
Now here is an interesting iPhone case, although the idea is not exactly new – the Kungl iPhone case, which will not only offer you protection against everyday scratches on the handset’s surface, but it will also be able to shoot some blur-free shots (perfect for panoramic views in a cold place, where even your gloved hands have trouble trying to remain still) thanks to a built-in tripod mount. Yes […]

Miansai iPhone case costs 10,000 clams
Ever wondered how it would feel like to protect your precious iPhone with a case that is worth many more times the value of the handset itself? The answer is simple – get a case like the Miansai iPhone case, and you’re good to go. After all, how many iPhone cases out there would actually cost you $10,000? The reason behind the uber high price of the Miansai iPhone case […]