sensusAnother day, another iPhone case is introduced to the masses. Well, this time around, we have the Sensus Case that will see the introduction of a pressure sensitive touchpad for the iPhone from Apple. It ought to be a brand new way for one to interact with their devices using a case that will allow supported apps to know whether one is touching the device in addition to the amount of pressure that they are placing on it. Just how does Canopy’s Sensus case work?

For starters, the Sensus case will rely on a proprietary new touch detection system which parent company Canopy has dubbed “Variable Pressure Technology.” Canopy’s technology will be different from normal capacitive and resistive touch sensors, as it will merge both touch detection as well as force detection into a single, rubber-like surface. Sporting a matte black finish, the Sensus will introduce touch-sensitive strips to the iPhone’s sides in addition to a larger touch zone in the rear, which is similar to the integrated rear touchpad that can be found on the Sony PS Vita handheld gaming console. Apart from that, Canopy will also offer an SDK which will pave the way for third-party developers to integrate the case’s sensors into their apps.

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