Who would have thought that the latest fashion statement to hit Wall Street would not be some diamond studded Armani suit – but rather, a range of iPad cases that were fashioned out of – of all people, convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff. Yes sir, entrepreneur John Vaccaro thought that there is money to be made from the Madoff name, hence picking up the majority of Madoff’s wardrobe at a US Marshals auction of his assets last year, sending them to a designer to turn them into iPad covers. Looks like even behind bars, Madoff has a “proxy” to scam folks off their hard earned cash – as these cases sell for anywhere between $350 to $500 on his website.

The first five iPad cases in the range was cut from the same cloth – a navy blue Christian Dior sweater and a Bergdorf Goodman cardigan, where amazingly, they “sold almost instantly, just by word of mouth.” So far, Vaccaro has made 31 of these puppies, and out of the wardrobe, he has only a few pairs of pants, sweaters and sweatshirts left. Bear in mind that these iPad cases are not going to protect your precious tablet from knocks and drops – they will still run a high risk of cracking if you have a bad case of butter fingers, but they’re meant to be fashionable instead. After all, it isn’t a crime to look good, is it?

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