Hub Innovations intends to deliver yet another solution to keep your iPad as well as iPad 2 safe and sound from minor knocks, drops and scratches. Their effort has resulted in the REV360 (formally known as HandStand), where this iPad case is revolutionary by boasting the ability to rotate a whole 360 degrees effortlessly. I guess Americans will be proud to know that the REV360 is 100% designed and manufactured at home, using recycled plastics and resin with a mind fo rthe environment to boot.

Some of the key enhancements of the REV360 will comprise of the iPad attachment that are made from molded polyurethane cover that has been redesigned in order to conform to the iPad’s shape. As for its hand disk, the spherical design will conform to your finger’s natural tendency to rest in a curved position so that it is far more comfortable to hold.

It does not matter whether you purchase the REV360 for the iPad or its successor, the iPad 2, you will still have to fork out $49.95 for either model, and you will need to choose from white, black, pink, orange, green, blue, copper, gray, purple and red shades. Want to be more adventurous? Take your pick from patterns like animal print, carbon fiber and digital camouflage.

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