Logitech Big Bang Thin And Light Case For Your iPad

There is a saying that goes something like this – you cannot smell an accident that is coming. Which is true, otherwise we would always be prepared to meet whatever impending disaster head on so as to minimize our “losses”, so to speak. When it comes to toting your precious new iPad around, there is something that you ought to get right from the get go – a protective case […]

Hard Candy Announces Two iPad 5 Cases

Hard Candy announces two new iPad 5 cases, never mind that the tablet is not yet official.

LaunchPort AP.3 sleeve delivers inductive charging for iPads

LaunchPort’s claim to fame is being the creator of the world’s first inductive charging and mounting system for the iPad, and their latest release comes in the form of the LaunchPort AP.3 magnetic sleeve. The AP.3 will cater for the new iPad and iPad 2, so first generation iPad owners will have to sit out on this one. Fitting your iPad snugly, the AP.3 lets you mount it via magnets […]

Pong iPad case is touted to be the most advanced of its kind in the world

Hmmm, a Pong iPad case? This has absolutely nothing to do with the iconic video game that is older than all the teens these days, but rather, it functions as an iPad case that carries the boast of improving reception, boosts signal strength and increases range all the while ensuring that your exposure to radiation is reduced. Sounds as though this is the only iPad case that you will ever […]


New iPad Crux keyboard case is fastest in the world

Now, the superlative claim of being the ‘fastest’ in anything is always worth approaching with caution, and the same applies to the $150 iPad Crux keyboard case. Wait a minute here, you say – just how the heck does an iPad case be ‘fast’ – considering there are no processors or benchmarks that we can refer to? Well, the adjective used here does apply somewhat, where it takes less than […]

REV360 targets both iPads

Hub Innovations intends to deliver yet another solution to keep your iPad as well as iPad 2 safe and sound from minor knocks, drops and scratches. Their effort has resulted in the REV360 (formally known as HandStand), where this iPad case is revolutionary by boasting the ability to rotate a whole 360 degrees effortlessly. I guess Americans will be proud to know that the REV360 is 100% designed and manufactured […]

M-Edge SuperShell case for the iPad 2

Looking for a kind of protective case for your iPad 2, but can’t quite decide on the model of choice? Perhaps you would do well to check out what M-Edge has in store with their SuperShell case that comes in a shock-absorbent foam frame which will wraps your shiny new tablet lovingly in order to prevent any unwarranted damage from drops and rough play. Using nothing but ultra-protective closed-cell foam, […]

Omnifer iPad case helps the blind out

Having an iPad (or its sequel) is fine and dandy, but spare a thought for the visually impaired – surely they are unable to experience what you have been rambling on about, and to grasp the concept of Angry Birds through words (and mooncakes) might be far too difficult. Hopefully a concept like the Omnifer iPad case can roll out sooner rather than later, where it intends to turn the […]

iPad cases made out of Bernie Madoff’s wardrobe

Who would have thought that the latest fashion statement to hit Wall Street would not be some diamond studded Armani suit – but rather, a range of iPad cases that were fashioned out of – of all people, convicted fraudster Bernie Madoff. Yes sir, entrepreneur John Vaccaro thought that there is money to be made from the Madoff name, hence picking up the majority of Madoff’s wardrobe at a US […]

G-Form introduces new Extreme Portfolio iPad case

Only just last week we reported that G-Form had come out with the successor to their G-Form Extreme Sleeve iPad casing, the G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2. Despite it just being only a week since their last product announcement, G-Form has announced yet another iPad casing, this time in the form of the Extreme Portfolio iPad case.

iLuv iSP210 MusicPac Portable Stereo Speaker Case for iPads of both generations

If you happen to rock to an iPad or its successor, then you would surely have been introduced to the world of iPad accessories a long, long time ago. For those who are looking for something slightly different, then perhaps you might be interested in picking up the iLuv iSP210 MusicPac? This is, after all, a portable stereo speaker case for your precious tablet, helping deliver protection as well as […]

Spark Tablet Case keeps your iPad safe and juiced up

There have been a plethora of tablet cases available for the iPad but what caught our attention about the Spark Tablet Case is that it is lined with solar panels. The Spark Tablet Case by Voltaic, has enough solar panels to generate 8 watts of power to provide about an hour of iPad runtime for every hour in the sunlight. It comes with a solar chargeable battery that contains almost […]

Kork – the natural iPad case

Are you all about using recycled products and saving the environment? If you are, and you own an iPad, you should be pleased to know that A Produkt has come up with a new iPad case that is suited to your needs. Completely made from recycled and recyclable natural cork, the Kork is an iPad case that is stylish, functional and safe for the environment. Cases don’t get any more […]

Clamcase Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad gains FCC approval

For those who have been eagerly waiting for the Clamcase Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad for months on end, the long wait is nearly over. That’s because the good people at the FCC have finally approved it for use, which more or less makes the case for a planned January 2011 release date even more concrete. As for the rest who are not in the know, the Clamcase is actually […]