Now, the superlative claim of being the ‘fastest’ in anything is always worth approaching with caution, and the same applies to the $150 iPad Crux keyboard case. Wait a minute here, you say – just how the heck does an iPad case be ‘fast’ – considering there are no processors or benchmarks that we can refer to? Well, the adjective used here does apply somewhat, where it takes less than a second to insert and release the new iPad, and is also equally quick when it comes to powering on/off and pairing with the iPad. Of course, it will also go under a second when opening up and typing on your new iPad, as there is no setup required beforehand. Last but not least, it claims to be the fastest hard keyboard case for the new iPad to go on sale in the general market – May 12th, to be exact. The asking price is also going to perform a near instant depletion of your bank account, too, but no mention on that being the fastest on the product page.

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