LaunchPort’s claim to fame is being the creator of the world’s first inductive charging and mounting system for the iPad, and their latest release comes in the form of the LaunchPort AP.3 magnetic sleeve. The AP.3 will cater for the new iPad and iPad 2, so first generation iPad owners will have to sit out on this one. Fitting your iPad snugly, the AP.3 lets you mount it via magnets to the LaunchPort’s base station and wall system, and of course, most metallic surfaces will also do, although those who are more careful with their devices might think twice since having your iPad fall from a height such as a refrigerator door might result in a cracked display at worst, never mind that the risk of that happening is not all that high to begin with. Expect the inductive charging system to kick in the moment the AP.3 sleeve is connected to a Wall Station or Base Station.

This is one step closer to a wireless lifestyle, but like we mentioned in the past, it is nearly impossible to live out a wireless lifestyle just as it is to go paperless, you will still need cables and paper at one time or another, although there are creative ways to handle both. The AP.3 Sleeve will come with comfortable hand grips on each side, where it is contoured to fit perfectly, coming in black or white colors at $149 a pop.

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