Sanjay JhaAt the recent Oppenheimer Technology & Communications Conference, Motorola Mobility’s CEO, Sanjay Jha said that although the company is focusing on creating Android phones, he isn’t opposed to the idea of creating phones powered by the Windows Phone operating system. He said that he is open to working with Microsoft, though it would have to be a deal similar to what Microsoft has with Nokia – with Motorola having the freedom to customize the Windows Phone operating system in ways that other manufacturers can’t.

Despite saying that he wouldn’t mind creating WP phones – he doesn’t have high hopes for the operating system, saying that Windows Phone, webOS and BlackBerry will be able to survive in the current smartphone market that’s dominated by Android and iOS. It makes you wonder why he would even bother considering the notion of creating a WP phone if he doesn’t even believe in the platform in the first place. What do you guys think of a Motorola Windows Phone device? Any takers? Or does the possibility of MotoBLUR on Windows Phone scare you away?

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