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Windows Phone 7 Nokia Smartphone With Physical Keyboard Leaks Online
Nokia spent a few years under Microsoft’s wing as the company tried to compete in the lucrative smartphone market by relying upon Nokia’s iconic branding. It did churn out a couple of good handsets but they never really caught on. Microsoft took a hit on the Nokia deal and is now trying to completely shake up the smartphone industry, but that may take a lot of time. Until that happens, […]

Nokia Lumia 920 Is The Best Selling Windows Phone
With iOS and Android firmly holding their ground as the top two smartphone platforms, many argue that there is room for a third platform as well. The tussle for that place is between BlackBerry and Windows Phone, both have been working quite hard to get their platforms off the ground. Nokia has pledged unwavering support to Microsoft and its Lumia range of smartphones are testimony enough. According to AdDuplex, a […]

Windows Phone Outsells iOS And BlackBerry OS In Several Markets
Just how well do you think that Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform is doing at the moment? Well, we know for sure that they are not going to overtake the two 800 lbs gorillas at the moment, namely iOS and Android, but it sure as heck has a fighting chance to remain in third position, with the only real competition around being the BlackBerry 10 operating system that was introduced earlier […]

Angry Birds Star Wars On Windows Phone 7
You know just how strong a particular game franchise is when it has been around for quite some time already, spreading its wings (how apt in the case of Rovio’s Angry Birds) to a myriad of platforms. We’re talking about the Angry Birds franchise here, which has seen them make the trip to Space and back, and even touching on the science fiction department with a collaboration alongside Disney’s Star […]


USB Video Out via Windows Phone 7
Thanks to a bunch of passionate and dedicated developers at XDA, here we are with a video above that depicts the wonders of experiencing USB Video Out for the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. It does seem to work in a butter smooth manner that is nothing short of impressive, but the setup process can be said to be quite the hassle since you will need a custom ROM […]

Nokia Camera Extras for Windows Phone 7 released
If you’re unsatisfied with your Nokia Lumia’s default camera app, fret not. Nokia has released a new app called Camera Extras which should improve your photo shooting experience with the Windows Phone 7 device. Camera Extras will give you features such as panorama mode, smart group shot, action shot and self-timer to the Windows Phone 7 camera app. While these features sound like they should already be in any default […]

Acer Allegro launches in France
The Acer Allegro was first released last month ahead of schedule thanks to a French store Rue du Commerce. Well, yesterday the phone was officially released in France. The Acer Allegro is Acer’s first foray into creating a Windows Phone 7 device and it packs first generation WP-device specs: a 1GHz processor, a 3.6″ display, 8GB of internal storage, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, a 1,300mAh battery (with Acer Fast Charge), […]

Unlocked Windows Phone devices get homebrew themes
Besides being able to sideload non-Marketplace apps on your Windows Phone, it looks like unlocking the device has another benefit: more customization options. If only being able to select the background color and the color of the tiles feels too limited for you and you want a more unique-looking Windows Phone device – you’re not alone. And until Microsoft decides to make it an official feature of the operating system, […]

Microsoft confirms NFC support in Windows Phone 7
Now here is a bittersweet bit of news for those Windows Phone 7 owners out there – it seems that the software giant from Redmond, Washington, did confirm that Windows Phone 7 will have built-in NFC support, but before you actually jump up and down, whopping around the room in joy, here is me being a wet blanket – at the end of the day, the decision still lies in […]

Nokia Lumia 710 goes on sale today
Nokia doesn’t have many Windows Phone devices. In fact, its first one, the Nokia Lumia 800 only hit the market recently. Well, it looks like the phone isn’t going to be so lonely anymore. Nokia has announced that starting today, the Nokia Lumia 710, which was unveiled at the same time as the Lumia 800, will be available for purchase. The phone will be available in select countries (US still […]

Nokia and T-Mobile event on December 14th
It looks like we’re about to see the first Nokia Windows Phone devices in the US sooner than we thought. The folks over at T-Mobile and Nokia have started sending out invitations for an event that will be held in New York City on December 14th. It wasn’t mentioned what the event was going to be about, but judging by recent events (Nokia Lumia 710 turning up at the FCC […]

Google search offers pinnable tile on Windows Phone devices
Just because you use Windows Phone 7.5 does not mean that you have to love Microsoft’s Bing as your default browser. Similarly just because you own an Android phone does not mean that your preferred search engine must be Google, but now Google is offering the chance to Windows Phone 7.5 users to start using their own search engine in place of Bing.

Lenovo Windows Phone in second half of 2012
It looks like we’ll have an additional player in the Windows Phone game next year. Lenovo has confirmed that it will be launching a Windows Phone device next year – in the second half of the year that is. Besides the confirmation of a Windows Phone device next year, Lenovo didn’t announce any specs, prices or even details of an international launch. Lenovo hasn’t been too well known for creating […]

Evernote for Windows Phone 7 updated
Evernote has just announced that its Windows Phone app has just received a new update. The update brings the app up to version 2.1 and includes some new improvements such as the ability to pin any note or notebook to your home screen; you can even pin options to create a new text, snapshot, or audio note. Great for those of you who have been looking for a shortcut to […]

AT&T Dell Venue Pro Mango update finally arrives
It’s been many months since the Mango update for Windows Phone 7 started rolling out but certain handsets have yet to receive it yet. Case in point – the Dell Venue Pro on AT&T. But for those of you who own that particular phone, we’ve got some good news for you. Microsoft has just announced today it has started delivering the update to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango for the Dell […]

Try Windows Phone 7 on your iOS/Android smartphone
If Microsoft’s recent $25 store credit promotion wasn’t enough to convince you to switch over to Windows Phone 7, maybe you’d like to get a hands-on experience with the operating system. Microsoft has recently put up a website that allows you to do just that. No, you don’t need to hack your phone or load a custom ROM; all you have to do is visit the website on your smartphone’s web […]

Jil Sander Mobile LG E906 now available in the UK
With Android getting a luxury brand smartphone of its own in the form of an LG and Prada collaboration, why should Windows Phone be left out of the loop, right? It seems that Expansys is now offering UK customers the chance to purchase an unlocked LG Jil Sander Mobile LG E906 Windows Phone handset for a price of £299.99 (~$466).

Nokia Drive app update in the works for offline support
One of the exclusive features that Nokia Window Phone devices have over other competing Windows Phone devices is its Nokia Drive app. The app is Nokia’s 3D satellite navigation system that allows for the user to download maps and store it for future use. However despite the ability to download maps, it would imply that it could be used for offline purposes, right? Wrong. It seems that while maps can […]

Nokia Lumia 601 leaked, is it for real?
It appears that the good folks down at PocketNow have managed to get their hands on what appears to be the Nokia Lumia 601. If you’re wondering why the image above looks so familiar, it’s because it’s the same image that popped up in a Nokia ad not too long ago. The phone in that ad was thought to be the Nokia 900, but PocketNow is saying that it is […]

Nokia Drive XAP leaked for unlocked non-Nokia devices
If there was ever a good reason to get a Nokia Windows Phone, as opposed to HTC or Samsung, it would be because Nokia Windows Phone devices will come with Nokia Drive preinstalled. This was supposed to be an exclusive feature for Nokia’s handsets to help set them apart from the competition and encourage adoption, but alas that does not seem to be the case as the Nokia Drive XAP […]