Do you own an iOS device? If you are then you’re probably extremely familiar with the issue of the frayed cables that have been plaguing iOS users for the past couple of years. For whatever reason, Apple has decided to change their cables after 2007 to a cable that more often than not leaves the inner wirings exposed, causing it to die pretty fast.

It looks as if a Kickstarter project has been created to solve this problem, a problem which should not have even been a problem to begin with, but hey, more power to the entrepreneur!

The project is called MySaver and it’s basically a cable that is meant to replace your current cable, which we’re assuming is frayed and on its last legs. It’s made out of aluminum that encases both ends of the cable, the docking portion and the USB portion. A flexible piece of silicone is used where the cable meets the plug, meaning you should be able to bend it without worrying about exposing the wires.

If you’re interested in giving Thomas Lehman (the creator) a helping hand in making this product a reality, just head on down to his Kickstarter page. He’s asking for a $15,000 backing and at this point of posting, he’s $300 shy of turning the MySaver into a reality. A pledge of $8 ($10.99 retail) nets you the MySaver: DIY kit which requires you to put together the silicone case along with the aluminum casing over your own existing cable. A donation of $10 (first 100, retails for $24.99) will get you the MySaver: Pro version, and will come completely setup along with the cable which means it should be able to charge your iOS device right out of the box.

Let’s just hope that Thomas Lehman and co will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor for a while to come, at least until Apple comes along and decides that this is a great idea and incorporates it into their future designs.

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