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ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable Comes With Lifetime Guarantee
How many charging cables have you gone through in your life – and I do not mean because of it ending up as obsolete, but rather, frayed or simply fails to work any longer? Well, the ZUS Kevlar Charging Cable is said to be “indestructible”, although we would take that claim with a pinch of salt since there is nothing quite like a good bonfire to get things melting. We […]

Comcast And Time Warner Cable Merged
Comcast has agreed to take in Time Warner Cable in the latest corporate merger over in the U.S., where this agreement happens to be a friendly, stock-for-stock transaction. In this particular merger, Comcast will pick up every single bit of Time Warner Cable’s 284.9 million shares which amounts to roughly $45.2 billion where equity value is concerned, and each Time Warner Cable share will be exchanged for 2.875 shares of […]

CableBin Hides Your Messy Cables Inside Of An Attractive Can
Having a bunch of cool tech and gadgets around your home is something many of us are lucky enough to have, but one thing many of us also suffer from is the unfortunate ability to have tons of wires that are supposed to be tucked away in an unsightly location. We’re not all interior decorators who are able to connect our tech while also able to keep things neat, which […]

Comcast Encrypting Basic Cable In The Near Future
The FCC permitted cable providers to encrypt basic cable towards the end of last year and now Comcast has detailed its plans for moving ahead with cable encryption. Those who do not use a CableCard enabled device or a Comcast set-top box will need to install an adapter so that they can keep watching encrypted cable. That is why Comcast has already begun telling its subscribers in some markets that […]


MySaver Kickstarter project will put an end to frayed iOS cables
Do you own an iOS device? If you are then you’re probably extremely familiar with the issue of the frayed cables that have been plaguing iOS users for the past couple of years. For whatever reason, Apple has decided to change their cables after 2007 to a cable that more often than not leaves the inner wirings exposed, causing it to die pretty fast.

Donya's New Video And Audio Out Dongle For Your iOS Devices
If you’re looking to hook your iOS device up to a television or monitor or even a set of speakers and you don’t have Apple’s Airplay, then perhaps Donya’s new video and audio out dongle will now provide you with an alternative means to achieving that dream. It works by connecting to your iOS devices’ docking port, and the dongle will feature a VGA connector that can achieve a maximum […]

RedMere launches portable micro-HDMI cable for smartphones and tablets
As HDMI-mirroring becomes a “must-have” feature in today’s smartphones and tablets, more users of these devices are on the lookout for cables to make use of it. However, the current crops of cables available right now are pretty bulky and require users to place their phones pretty close to the TV due to how short the wires are.RedMere, the company behind the technology used in third party iOS device HDMI […]

Mitsubishi to upgrade transatlantic cable network
Mitsubishi Electric has just announced that they will be upgrading a transatlantic cable network after signing a contract to deliver a 40 Gbps dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) capacity upgrade, where the two phase upgrade to the TAT-14 Cable Network is tipped to be completed before 2012 bid adieu to the world, ushering in 2013 instead. Wait a minute, conspiracy theory lovers might say that there isn’t a need to […]

RedMere makes HDMI output from iOS devices a one cable affair
When the iPad 2 was introduced earlier this year, one interesting accessory that was launched together with the tablet was the Apple Digital AV adapter. Basically it allowed you to mirror whatever was on your iPad 2, iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4G on a HDTV. While the device itself is a good idea, it required you to have an extra HDMI cable as well just to make it work.Well, […]

Time Warner Cable iPad app reduced by 17 channels
Remember the Time Warner Cable iPad app we mentioned yesterday? Well, we have got some bad news for you. Time Warner has announced that they have removed 17 channels from the app – due to an overwhelming demand that caused problems with the authentication systems. It was either a case of underestimated demand or poor coding – either way, Time Warner wasn’t prepared for the sudden influx of users and […]

Comcast Testing New Set-top Box That Does Cable TV And Web Video
Google TV is facing plenty of opposition from networks in its early stages and now Comcast is offering something interesting for subscribers in Augusta, Georgia. The company is currently testing a new set-top box that allows users to watch Internet video in addition to regular TV, not to mention being able to switch seamlessly between both. The service is currently codenamed “Spectrum” and “Xcalibur” and is one of several experiments […]

Comcast begins to test combo Internet-Cable device
Not everything is set in stone just yet, but folks over at the Wall Street Journal have mentioned that Comcast has begun to test features which will definitely have Google TV and TiVo executives sit up and take notice. Basically, Comcast is looking to enable cable set-top boxes access streaming video directly from the Internet right into your living rooms. It will merge the functionalities of a DVR with unified […]

Sanus ELM410 HDMI Cable Is Flexible
Every now and then you come across a design that is so simple; you wonder why people didn’t come up with it sooner. The Sanus ELM410 HDMI cable certainly does give you that kind of feel. Basically it’s an HDMI cable that can be angled within a 180 degree radius, giving you a lot of flexibility if you’re in a tight spot. The only weird (and disappointing) part of the […]