Folks living Stateside, here is a laptop from Samsung which might just go on a little bit longer when everybody else’s start to blink, indicating a battery that is low on juice. Yes sir, this solar-powered laptop is now available for pre-order in the US, after a long, long time in coming. The innards might not be that up to date anymore, but better late than never, right?

Having already appeared in Africa and Asia (including Russia), we do wonder what took it so long to arrive on the scene? Known as the NC215s, it has pretty standard specifications that you would find inside a 10″ laptop, although the top lid gives the game away – it holds solar panels which will be able to deliver an hour of computing with a couple of hours under the sun (indirectly works, too). Needless to say, this is no gaming powerhouse, but is meant more for everyday word processing and Internet surfing.

According to Samsung, the NC215s will feature a 14 hour battery life, and it works great during the summer whenever you are dining at an al fresco restaurant which does not have a plug point in sight and yet offers free Wi-Fi connectivity. Amazon has it available for pre-order at $399 a pop, but did not provide a concrete shipping date.

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