KDDI Labs of Japan has developed the Smart MIMAS system that was meant for use in hospitals, where it allows medical images to be transferred and viewed on both Android tablets and smartphones. These images can be sent over in a secure manner to specialists regardless of where they are – of course, this would require a permanent Internet connection. This enables the medical specialists to be on-call in case of an emergency, where they will then be able to administer quick and accurate instructions to staff at the hospital.

Of course, medical images could end being particularly large in size as they need to be detailed, so sending a large image over a data connection might take some time. Hence, the system sports a trio of feature – you can view images quickly, send them over at high speed, where it is done over a secure connection. The system relies on JPEG2000, letting the compression preserve as many levels as possible. KDDI’s very own encryption technology is also applied in order to deliver an extremely advanced level of security.

Smart MIMAS is not going to come cheap though, since it will retail for around $65,000 for the server and tablets, where KDDI intends to supply around 20 sets to hospitals this year alone.

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