Those who have an interest for the systems on a chip (or SoCs) that power smartphones and tablets know what Qualcomm’s SnapDragon is. However,  keeping track of the differences between the SnapDragon MSM8655T and MSM8560 may require a bit more memory, or research. Actually, even people working at Qualcomm have to pause for a couple of seconds to get things straight in their mind sometime.

Qualcomm intends to change this and the SnapDragon family will now be divided into three sub-category: Snapdragon S1, S2 and S3. Each represent a certain level of speed and power, with S1 being the most mobile, and S3 being the most powerful.

Interestingly, “Snapdragon” was not originally created to become the brand that it is today, and that probably explains why the names were not so friendly to outsiders at first. However, it has now become a powerful brand that Qualcomm wants to use and nurture. Let’s hope that the next generation of chip won’t be called S1 8534, S2 8325 and S3 8772. More importantly, let’s see how fast they are and what devices will use them!

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