City-state Singapore is one fine city – you get fined for virtually every single trespass, and boy are there plenty of laws, rules and regulations to follow there! Did you know that chewing gum is banned there? I digress – all that ‘discipline’ has also resulted in one roaring economy, so there’s always a price to pay for everything. Well, an iPhone application known as “Summon Auntie” has been conjured that will alert Singaporean drivers of parking attendants in the area of their vehicles.

Why Summon Auntie? Well, it is affectionately named after the middle-aged women who tend to patrol public car parks, checking out motorists’ parking coupons to make sure that none of them have gone past the due time – where a summons (ticket) will be issued in the event of a transgression.

All you need to do with this free app is to tap on the “Park” function when you physically park your car, where your GPS coordinates will be logged onto a secured server. Should a parking attendant be spotted within a 200-metre radius of the location, you will receive a notification, for example, “Summon Auntie has been spotted 20.3m away from your car!”. These sightings depend on other users who actually tap the app’s location-based “Alert” function should they see a ‘summon auntie’. Seems to be an extremely communal-based app, so woe to you if you happen to park in a place with no iPhone users in sight.

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